Hydro Samoa Social Safeguards Expert (ADB)

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The Social Safeguards Expert should have a degree in related field and at least 5 years of relevant working experience. The expert must demonstrate evidence of preparing and implementing resettlement instruments and monitoring resettlement plan implementation.


The consultant will work in close collaboration with the Team Leader to complete the following tasks:

  • Review the scope and activities of the proposed project and screen its potential impacts on land acquisition/involuntary resettlement (IR) and indigenous peoples (IP) in all the selected sites.

  • Conduct surveys, interviews and focus-group discussions to collect data for assessment of social impacts and preparation of safeguard planning and management documents and provide the basis for the project’s consultation and participation plan (see item (vii below).

  • In coordination with relevant government agencies, undertake adequate consultations with affected persons and other stakeholders and assist in disclosing relevant information including the draft safeguard documents in accordance with the country’s laws and ADB’s SPS and Public Communications Policy 2011. Minutes of meetings and consultations duly signed or acknowledged by the attendees should be prepared.

  • Liaise and coordinate with the environmental safeguards advisor to ensure that the requirements for consultations, socio-economic baseline and social impacts assessment are integrated into the environmental assessment as required.

  • Assess potential poverty and social impacts of the proposed project and prepare a brief social and poverty report as the basis of Summary Poverty Reduction and Social Strategy (SPRSS) and inputs to the environmental assessment.

  • Conduct a gender analysis including differentiated impacts on women and other vulnerable groups and recommend gender related action plan in the project design if feasible or gender measures to satisfy the proposed some gender elements category of the project.

  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and prepare a consultation and participation plan for the project to ensure continuing stakeholder engagement during project implementation.

  • Establish the land ownership, use and access rights for all proposed sub-projects. Formal records of land tenure or written advice from the relevant land authority confirming Government ownership must be obtained where government land is to be used or existing land lease agreement if applicable. A due diligence report must be prepared for government land or existing government lease. The findings will also be summarized in the environmental assessment.

  • If any private land is required to be acquired, restriction on land use or access will take place, assets on private land will be affected, or a new easement created for any land-based infrastructure, a land acquisition and resettlement action plan (LARP) is to be prepared in accordance with the pertinent government laws and ADB’s SPS. The content of the LARP should follow prescribed content and outline of the Resettlement Plan according to ADB SPS.3 The findings will also be summarized in the environmental assessment.

  • Ascertain the capacity of the executing agency/implementing agency in complying with ADB’s safeguards requirements such as implementing gender and/or social development measures and, if required, LARP, and recommend capacity building measures.

  • Devise appropriate grievance redressal mechanism (GRM) to ensure the affected people and other stakeholders will have opportunities to lodge their complaints against non-compliance of safeguards related and other project related issues.

The applicant will be required to:

  • Participate in bi-weekly update meetings with the project team;

  • Address and proactively identify problems and challenges.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in with at least five years’ experience in related topics.

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience.

  • Exceptional communication skills, including excellent written and spoken English.

  • Ability to work effectively to meet deadlines.