Hydro Samoa Environment Expert (ADB)

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(Still open)


The Environmental Specialist should have a bachelor or higher degree in environmental fields with at least 5 years of relevant experience. The consultants must be familiar with the development of environmental assessment reports (EIAs/IEEs).


The consultant will work in close collaboration with the Team Leader to complete the following tasks

  • Prepare and finalize rapid environmental assessment checklist to determine environment category.

  • Conduct environmental baseline survey and testing required for the EIAs/IEEs.

  • assist EA in presenting at public consultation as required by ADB’s SPS.

  • Prepare EIA/IEE reports for each of subprojects meeting ADB’s SPS’ requirements and finalize the reports incorporating comments from ADB and other stakeholders including EA, IA, State Committee for Nature Protection, local environmental authorities, co-financier, NGOs and potential project affected people, etc.

  • Prepare forest clearance plan (if applicable) and support the EA for its early approval from relevant government agencies.

  • Work closely to get technical inputs from the Hydrological expert, social specialist, and climate change specialist in preparing the EIA/IEE reports, including fully costed EMPs.

  • Develop training materials on Environmental and Social management for HPPs.

  • Help conduct a vulnerability assessment in the project area to identify vulnerability of the planned infrastructure as well as of the local area and people.

  • Prepare the management and process plan of used oil and wastes come from construction of new HPPs.

  • The environmental specialists will work as a team where the international consultant will be responsible for providing guidance and supervision for quality assurance to the national environmental specialist. The national consultant will be responsible for data collection and liaison with the stakeholders for their comments during the EIA/IEE process and assist the EA in getting the national approval to the EIA/IEE reports.

The applicant will be required to:

  • Participate in bi-weekly update meetings with the project team;

  • Address and proactively identify problems and challenges.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in environmental fields with at least five years’ experience in related topics.

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience.

  • Exceptional communication skills, including excellent written and spoken English.

  • Ability to work effectively to meet deadlines.