Climate & Conservation Director

, DU, AE

The Conservation and Climate Director (CCD) provides effective leadership ensuring impactful and professional conservation delivery in the UAE and region. He/she will continue the implementation of the EWS-WWF Strategic Plan 2015-2020 which contributes effectively to biodiversity conservation and reduction of carbon footprint in the UAE, and is aligned with WWF Practices and global conservation priorities.

The CCD will lead all conservation programmes, from identifying priority projects to implement the strategy to assessing new opportunities to enhance the conservation goals. The CCD will be responsible for developing and empowering the conservation team, for outcome delivery. The CCD will manage key relationships for EWS-WWF as specified in the partnership strategy, and will have substantial responsibility, oversight and support of stakeholder relationships related to the Conservation Unit. The CCD is responsible for ensuring EWS-WWF is constantly aware and learning from international best practice in biodiversity conservation and climate change. As such, he/she will be involved in the selection of the heads of programmes and other staff and is expected to hire, develop, coach, and mentor the programme staff to be experts in their areas of work including mastering project management. The CCD is a member of the EWS-WWF Management Team and as such responsible for the overall direction of EWS-WWF. The CCD also oversees the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) components of the Conservation Unit. He/she will be the main contact person with other Unit Directors, while encouraging multiple and collaborative relationships between Units through project teams. Members perform their responsibilities through regular meetings and related tasks.