Graduate Research Assistantship (Water Quality and Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction) via AGU

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE, US

Research groundwater-surface water interactions and water quality. Investigate long-term impacts of water resources management and environmental factors on groundwater and surface water systems using field measurements, environmental tracers, isotopes, and numerical models. Explore and synthesize existing long-term observations of groundwater and surface water quantity and quality.

An MS degree is required. Competitive candidates will have educational background in hydrology, hydrogeology, or a related engineering field. Candidates with an interest in science literacy, human dimensions (social sciences), and/or historical hydrology are encouraged to apply. Field experience is preferred; interest in field work is required. Modeling experience is not required, but beneficial.

Salary information: Minimum of $22,000/annually

Preferred start date: Start of Summer term in 2018 (May)

Position includes tuition remission for full-time status during fall, spring, and summer semesters for three years (PhD). Will be required to pay fees. Fee information for prospective graduate students can be found at:

Eligible for subsidized student health insurance. Information can be found at:

About University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

Potential students may opt for a degree from Biological Systems Engineering or the School of Natural Resources. The broad diversity of agricultural practices, climate, habitat, hydrology, soils, and near-surface and subsurface geology across Nebraska provides a multitude of opportunities for field study in each of these areas. Our excellent faculty conduct research throughout Nebraska, across the United States, and around the world.