Deputy Director for Operations

Caminos de Agua

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 🇲🇽

Caminos de Agua (CdA) is seeking to hire the position of Deputy Director For Operations, a diverse position with responsibilities in organizational
management, operations, fundraising, communications, and marketing. This position fills a vital leadership role within the organization. Thus, a strong passion for CdA’s work and mission is an inherent requirement for a successful candidate. The Deputy Director, a new position, will report directly to the Executive Director (ED) and will have responsibility for the operations of the organization and meeting agreed upon goals as well as sharing responsibility with the ED for creating plans for the future of Caminos de Agua.

The selected candidate will have a demonstrated history of strong managerial capabilities, significant operational and project management experience as well as the ability to help lead a group of talented and unique individuals, working in various sites simultaneously. The Deputy Director will help cultivate an environment that nurtures individual talents, develops and grows organizational and staff capabilities, and creates a performance culture within the organization with emphasis on accountability and evaluation.

Operations and Management

  • Working with the ED and the staff create organizational and individual goals and then drive their achievement
  • Co-develop strategic planning for the organization and manage the process
  • Design and implement internal processes and measures that monitors staff performance and the attainment of organizational goals
  • Produce an overall management plan for the organization – creating and updating internal policies and controls, developing a system of accountability and status reports, and standardizing accounting and reporting protocols and procedures
  • Oversee the coordination and execution of budgeting and fundraising initiatives,
  • Develop reporting that monitors, measures and documents the impact and success of key programs.

Fundraising and Revenue Creation

  • With the ED develop annual fundraising goals
  • Develop and manage execution of an annual fundraising plan for the organization to meet goals
  • Cultivate major new giver relationships with individual donors, foundations, institutions and governmental sources,
  • Maintain and enlarge relationships with current base of large donors,
  • Foster relationships with Mexican and international businesses that can help support the strategic goals of the organization through products, services, and/or direct funding,
  • Organize and manage special events,
  • Oversee plans to expand ceramic water filter distribution throughout the country.

Communications and Marketing

  • Direct the development, implementation and the management of an effective integrated marketing program that:
    • Establishes a brand for CdA
    • Communicates the critical messages to each of the organization’s audiences and constituencies including the local audience in the San Miguel area, local/regional/national government, existing and potential givers, the media,
    • Focuses on the existing regional water crisis and need for CdA programs, CdA’s developments, programs and successes, fundraising needs
    • Utilizes a media mix including: the website, email campaigns, social media, public relations, presentation creation, events
  • Direct and manage staff


  • Native Spanish speaker and proficiency in English,
  • Proven competence and experience as an operational executive,
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to mentor and develop staff’s capabilities,
  • Strong project management skills and ability to manage goals,
  • Excellent ability to multi-task,
  • Strong user skills with technology at the level employed by CdA
  • Passion for the CdA mission,
  • Strong communication and presentation skills,
  • Can work effectively in the CdA culture and in particular a strong rapport with ED.

Since this is a new position it will be critical for the benefit of both the person hired and the organization to establish clear goals and expectations. Therefore upon hiring, a set of six month goals will be developed to be reviewed monthly.


  • Send resume (CV) to [email protected] with cover letter.
  • Caminos de Agua will be in contact in regards to your application.
  • Potential candidates will be invited to a series of interviews.
  • The application process is open until we fill the position with Interviews and follow-up on a rolling basis.