Research Associate

100 Resilient Cities (Rockefeller Foundation)

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100 Resilient Cities, Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is a new organization dedicated to helping cities be better prepared for and quickly rebound from 21st century shocks and stresses. Selected from an international competition, 100 Resilient Cities works with 100 member cities for whom it plans to provide four kinds of value: 1) Financial and other support for cities to appoint and empower a Chief Resilience Officer (CRO); 2) Support for development of a robust resilience strategy; 3) Management of a peer-to-peer network of member cities who are pioneering a field of resilience practice in local government; and 4) Connections to solutions, service providers, and other partners who can help cities implement their resilience strategies. 100RC seeks to increase awareness of the importance of resilience thinking, to catalyze a new community of urban resilience professionals, and to spur the growth of a robust ecosystem of resilience-focused solutions and solution providers.


100RC works with four cities in China and would like to develop a China National Strategy to increase the impact beyond the work in cities and to cultivate the Urban Resilience movement in China at the national level. This job is to help define the Urban Resilience in China’s context; to promote the concept of Urban Resilience and expand its influence in China; to support the China National Strategy in partnership with Center for China Urban Development and other partners; to provide support in advancing 100RC Chinese cities’ Resilience Strategies and developing initiatives; to assist Chinese member cities on implementation plans. The Research Associate is an internationally or locally recruited position who will be responsible for a range of research and administrative functions. The selected candidate will be offered competitive salary and benefits. The position will be based in Singapore and for 6 months with potential of extension.


Under the guidance of 100RC China team, the Research Associate will have the following tasks:


  • Build 100RC’s knowledge on China urban development context:
    • Conduct qualitative analysis of urban policies and urban planning system in China;
    • Identify and summarize current resilience practice and relevant concepts of Urban Resilience in China;
    • Diagnose the challenges of building resilience in China and identify ways to mitigate;
    • Coordinate and participate in joint study of Urban Resilience in China with other research institutions and 100RC partners.
  • Support 100RC China Team in updating and executing the China National Strategy:
    • Identify organizations or individuals to partner with and build 100RC’s knowledge about these potential partners via research;
    • Gather information about urban development events in China and support on designing the way that 100RC should participate;
    • Conduct research about 100RC media partners and opportunities and help strategizing 100RC’s level of involvement and investment.

Project Coordination:

  • Project manage and monitor the progress of China National Strategy;
  • Coordinate with 100RC partners to deliver conferences or summits about Urban Resilience or other relevant topics;
  • Support China Team on working across the 4 100RC Chinese cities and other 100RC internal teams;
  • Document best practice and experience from the 4 100RC Chinese cities and help transferring them to other member cities with 100RC Knowledge & Impact Team and Network Team;
  • Support social media operations of 100RC China with 100RC Communications Team.


  • Serve as administrative point person for the China Team; assist with scheduling meetings and meeting technology (setting up video-conferences), booking spaces, establishing conference lines and supporting with meeting follow-up;
  • Support China Team by managing logistical and administrative functions for core activities such as: weekly calls and other internal processes;
  • Book and manage all travel arrangements including accommodation and itineraries; must be aware of larger organizational impacts when coordinating and scheduling;
  • Process and manage expense claims and provide support for budgetary follow up;
  • Coordinate across 100RC to improve communications and streamline systems for efficiency in support of the China Team;
  • Coordinate and interface with professionalism with vendors and external contacts;
  • Provide translation support within language capacity and fluency, as needed;
  • Assist in the preparation of China Team Salesforce database and performance management reports, including tracking of key team tasks and deliverables.


Education Requirements

  • A Master degree or equivalent research experience, in any discipline(s) relevant to Urban Resilience such as urban planning, urban management, public policy, mobility, risk management, climate change adaptation, etc.

Relevant Experiences and Skills

  • Ability to work in Singapore;
  • Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level;
  • Sufficient knowledge in the discipline and of research techniques to work on the research programs;
  • Experience in Chinese Urban Resilience related topics working;  
  • Proficient with office suite software, particularly MS Excel, word, and PowerPoint;
  • Ability to travel within the region and internationally.

Core Competencies:

Technical Competencies

  • Sophisticated knowledge of urban development process, urban planning system, urban policies, urban planning regulation and government functions in China
  • Adequate knowledge and diverse experience in Urban Resilience
  • Excellent and effective verbal and written communication skills in both Chinese and English
  • Adequate ability to contribute to the development of research work

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Proven ability to work independently on assigned tasks, which have well-defined scope and steps to support desired outcomes
  • Adequate ability to derive and organize the essence of the problems to draw solid conclusions


  • Ability to manage own work plan to meet deadline
  • Strong ability to handle a multitude of tasks under given timelines
  • Willingness to learn from others regardless of own skills and abilities
  • Ability of delivering high quality research output for both academic & non- academic audiences
  • Ability to develop partnerships and engage with a range of academic & non-academic stakeholders.

Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Ability to collaborate with the 100RC team to work towards to the goals
  • Strong interpersonal skills to work within a global team across multiple cultures
  • Willingness to provide assistance and support to others to achieve objectives