Watershed Science Scholarship via AGU

San Diego State University

San Diego, CA, US

Join our exciting Watershed Science research group in the Department of Geography and be part of the “Blue Gold” Area of Excellence in water research. We are seeking skilled and enthusiastic graduates in research areas of watershed analysis and modelling, water scarcity, water quality and human impacts on water.

Our PhD is offered as a Joint Doctoral Program with the University of California at Santa Barbara. Students will spend one year of the program in residence at UCSB.

Our MS in Watershed Science is a multi-disciplinary program that studies how water, ecosystems, landforms and soils, climate, and human activities interact.

Financial support is available through a Graduate or Teaching Associate package, providing salary and full benefits. See geography.sdsu.edu for details.

Please contact one of our faculty members to discuss your future program:
Hilary McMillan, Assoc. Prof. of Water Resources, mcmillanhydrology.org
Trent Biggs, Prof. of Geography, goo.gl/guRRn1

Closing Date December 15.
SDSU welcomes applicants from underrepresented communities