Nominations for GWP Nomination Committee

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

The GWP Steering Committee is in the process of identifying one new member to join the GWP Nomination Committee. The GWP Nomination Committee is the body which receives and nominates candidates for the Steering Committee members, the GWP Chair and the GWP external auditors. Nomination Committee members serve a term of up to 3 years, renewable once. The Nomination Committee members’ tasks involve review of candidate profiles, deliberations through conference calls, and final proposal making of the selected candidates.

Nomination Committee members are not renumerated for their work. The Nomination Committee is supported administratively by the GWPO Secretariat and carries out its work exclusively by digital means.

The criteria for each Nomination Committee member search are modified based on the profiles of the current members at the time of the search. The current search criteria are as follows:

  • experience with executive boards
  • experience with regional and/or international organisations or networks
  • professional experience in sustainable development
  • be from a developing country
    • not have served either on the Nomination Committee or the Steering Committee in the past 6 months.

Nominations with a cover letter and CV, setting out how the person meets the above criteria, shall be submitted to Ms. Susanne André, Senior Legal Officer, GWPO at [email protected] before 18th November 2017.