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Context of the position

The French Red Cross is operational in northern Iraq since 2013, especially in Dohuk, Ninewah and Erbil governorates. Focused first on the influx of Syrian refugees, then on the IDP crisis and the challenging return of population, FRC is providing assistance in a range of sectors including wash, livelihoods, education and relief. The Iraq programme presently employs about 50 to 60 national staff and 10 to 15 international staff.

The French Red Cross works in partnership with the local branches of the Iraqi Red Crescent society (IRCS) according to areas of intervention. In 2017, FRC will continue its emergency and recovery assistance for Syrian refugees, Iraqi IDPs, returnees and most vulnerable host communities.

Project context

In August 2014, after the taking of Sinjar city and the surrounding villages, between 20.000 and 30.000 persons fled to Sinjar Mountain. Most of the families settled in informal camps and are still living there. They have been receiving humanitarian aid for shelters, food, water, but the humanitarian needs are still critical. FRC has been implementing a project which aims at adressing the sanitation and hygiene needs of these conflict-affected and underserved communities on Sinjar Mountain by:

  • increasing the latrine and bathroom facilities coverage
  • establishing a solid waste management
  • reinforcing the sustainability of the activities and the empowerment of the community
  • raising awareness among the community on sanitation and hygiene issues

At the time of writing, assessment phase will be starting and activities implemented once the WASH & cash for work (CFW) PM is recruited. The challenges to be expected are the involvement of the community, the volatile humanitarian and security context (even though calm and steady since the beginning of Mosul military operation), the short timeframe to complete all activities and the way forward following the end of the last project in March 2017. In this regard, FRC is designing a multi-sectorial assessment (WASH, Shelter and Livelihood) in order to define its strategy and approach for 2017/18 in Sinjar Mountain and in potential new areas around Sinuni where needs would be reported. The assessment and upcoming activities will be conducted in close collaboration with the WASH Deputy Project Manager (DPM).

The position


The project manager is responsible of the implementation of the program on Sinjar Mountain.

  • He/She will review the methodology and fine-tune the design of the response
  • He/She will review the technical solutions with the WASH regional technical advisor and existing teams
  • He/She will recruit, train and build capacity of the field team and WASH Committee
  • He/She will prepare the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project and the budget forecast in collaboration with field teams and support staff (Program Coordinator, admin/log delegate with HoSD validation)
  • He/She will pay particular attention to the implementation of the project in close collaboration with the Deputy Project Manager, the community members, the local authorities, the Iraqi Red Crescent society (IRCS) and the other partners and stakeholders involved in the wash/cash for work/livelihood sectors

The program manager will spend at least 3 days / week in Sunoni (ideally full week) where FRC has an office / guest house and could be working remotely according to the security situation. A high degree of security awareness and patience is therefore required as well as skills in remote management practices.


  • A- Project implementation
  • B- Monitoring, reporting and assessment
  • C- Team management
  • D- Training
  • E- Maintain the strong collaboration with IRCS and other FRC WASH PMs
  • F- Representation and communication

Hierarchical and functional link:

  • The PM works under the responsibility of Dohuk/Sinuni HOSD;
  • The PM directly manages the WASH DPM and the field logistician.

Hierarchical links are subject to change as the overall setup of Iraq mission will evolve depending on the context and identified needs. At the time of writing, Dohuk/Sinuni sub-delegation is under creation with strong operational capacity already in place.


  • Link on functional management with the others PMs and log/admin staff
  • Functional links with the different departments of FRC delegation (field logistic and administration/finance)
  • He/She works with the WASH regional technical advisor for validation

Profile of the candidate


  • Degree in Water Engineering / Construction, Engineering / Public Health with experience in water and hygiene projects (experience in CFW is an asset)
  • Project Management Training/Certificate

LANGUAGES: english compulsory. Arabic and/ or Kurdish are an asset.


  • Sense of responsibility, team spirit, cultural awareness; motivation for the challenges and extremely proactive; patience and strong will to build national staff capacity and to work in close partnership with a national partner; diplomacy, experience in staff management, and ability to accompany various profiles; strong listening, comprehension and dialogue skills; strong writing skills; strong work organization and coordination skills


  • Minimum 3 years of relevant international wash experience, preferably in emergency context
  • Good technical knowledge about wash problematic required
  • Good knowledge of community engagement and approach methods required
  • Experience in team management required
  • Experience in response to an emergency situation, experience in refugees’ camps; experience in remote management; experience or knowledge of the Red Cross movement; experience in Middle East an asset

Summary: Location : Dohuk, IRAQI KURDISTAN – Duration: 06M – To be filled: september 2017 – Status: expatriate position

Prerequisites: Passport valid for more than 6 months at the moment of departure; Up-to-date vaccination card / fitness for travel

Online training

To be better acquainted with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, we invite you to follow two training sessions online, free and accessible to all that constitute a real advantage for your application: WORC :e-learning course on the fundamental principles and operations of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. Stay Safe aims at developing a common culture of security management within the Movement. You will find these lessons on the IFRC Learning Platform open to all by clicking on the following link: https://ifrc.csod.com/client/ifrc/default.aspx