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Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a member country of GGGI. PNG’s commitment to green growth is reinforced through the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development (StaRS) which promotes socio-economic growth paradigm shift of PNG’s economic growth to build on renewable use of resources rather than extractive activities, to preserve the environment and sustainably using it, and to promote equal access of all on health, education and employment to alleviate poverty and to reduce inequality. The PNG government and the Global Green Growth Institute agreed in 2017 to operationalize PNG’s membership of the Institute through an in-country program for green growth and climate action. Initially, this program will focus on Green Climate Fund (GCF) readiness. Other areas of potential cooperation identified include mainstreaming green growth into planning, climate adaptation at the provincial and local level as well as green urban development.

The Officer applies his/her specialized conceptual knowledge of GCF readiness and project management experience in support of delivery of the GGGI-PNG readiness project. The position, under supervision of the country manager, provides day to day technical support internally as well as to relevant government counterparts. The position carries out analytical and operational work related to GCF readiness and provides a wide range of support to: 

1. Developing capacity of the National Designated Authority, promoting awareness of the NDA and GCF and supporting an effective coordination mechanism for accessing the GCF. The Officer will collaborate with the NDA to deliver training, strengthen processes and develop capacity to monitor, oversee and streamline climate finance. As part of capacity development, the position will also support efforts to expand media coverage and promotional materials in four regions of the country. 

2. Stakeholders engagement in consultative processes. The position supports the government in engaging public, private and civil society stakeholders in the development of PNG’s GCF Country Program for both mitigation and adaptation action.  This will include the development and execution of inter-ministerial, sector-specific, and sub regional workshops, technical inputs to PNG’s GCF Country Program and support to the creation and strengthening of Provincial Climate Change Committees 

3. Direct access realized. This position will support government in establishing a mechanism for identifying and nominating candidate institutions seeking accreditation with the GCF and advise the government on how to support the nominated candidates through the accreditation process. The position will support consultations and coordination with PNG candidate entities and the development of guidelines for those seeking accreditation with the Fund 

4. Private sector mobilization. The position will explore potential among the private sector to address climate resilience and implement climate compatible and low carbon development in Papua New Guinea. He/she will work with government plans to assess the feasibility of engaging and mobilizing the private sector. The position will support the development of the private sector engagement study to identify priorities for achieving adaptation and mitigation goals at the national and sub-national levels.


  • Implements the readiness project, monitors budget, and seeks strategic guidance from the GGGI country manager
  • Compiles through research case studies, comparative examples and other materials which give practical guidance to GCF readiness in PNG
  • Supports the development and implementation of the multiple components of the readiness project and provides technical input, in particular to training, events and stakeholder engagement


  • Participates in the assessment of program needs and resources to assist in program design, development and implementation
  • Engages in stakeholder mapping and supports facilitation of discussion between investors, government and various stakeholders.
  • Acquires and maintains relevant networks and knowledge from a variety of sources, in support of delivery of a good quality output.
  • Understands project methodologies and is able to provide a wide range of contributions in support of delivery of the GCF readiness project


  • The position understands the project cycle and is able to organize his/her analytical work to ensure that deliverables are provided in a timely manner to support subsequent work and consistent with the workplan and project cycle.
  • Assesses delivery issues and works with national counterparts to build common understanding and coordination on project activities.
  • Organizes trainings, workshops and events
  • Supports the country manager in managing consultants and consultancy firms.
  • Manages GGGI operational transactions relating to finance, HR, legal matters, procurement, IT systems, travel etc.
  • Reports on results and communicates achievements in a compelling manner through various communication materials and channels under the guidance of the country manager 



  • Minimum Master’s degree in international relations, development, organizational management, economics/finance/business, or other area related to green growth and at least 5 years of relevant working experience
  • Strong technical background in green growth, climate change, sustainable development, climate finance and in particular GCF readiness
  • Good understanding of poverty reduction, social inclusion and gender mainstreaming
  • Solid experience managing, coordinating and implementing projects
  • Experience supporting the development of program strategies
  • Experience coordinating successful functions and events
  • Solid track record of working with PNG government counterparts at the national and local level
  • Good knowledge of PNG government policies, plans, processes and procedures 
  • Strong networks among development actors and stakeholder institutions in PNG at the national and local level
  • Strong oral and written English, Tok-Pisin and Motun


  • Detail-oriented striving for quality and consistency in all outputs and communications
  • Able to perform strategic and technical analysis in tandem and under time constraints
  • Highly-organized and able to effectively and efficiently multi-task and prioritize
  • Comfortable working both in a team and independently, as a self-starter
  • Excellent communication, presentation and networking skills
  • Understanding of business processes and systems management in public organizations
  • Multi-cultural literacy and easily adaptable
  • Ability to communicate complex technical and procedural issues to a diverse set of actors


  • Shows strong integrity and stewardship of public resources
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Values boldness, excellence, inclusiveness and transformational outcomes

*The offer to the successful candidate will be made upon confirmation of funding