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Project Drawdown

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The Details

Previous Drawdown Fellows developed solution-specific models, technical reports, and policy memos projecting the financial and climate impacts of ‘state-of-the-shelf’ solutions deployed at scale over the next thirty years. Fellows in the 2016 Fellowship will build out the second phase of research, analysis, and modeling of Drawdown solutions. Fellows will evaluate and augment the initial research conducted by previous Drawdown Fellows, collect additional data as needed, revise and refine model methodology as needed, and integrate individual solution models.

In addition, fellows will take part in a number of professional development opportunities providing practical tools and experience to enhance their career development. These opportunities will be available for fellows both during and after the fellowship period. We have created this program as a platform for fellows to become spokespeople in the climate solutions movement, and will continue to offer these resources, connections, and opportunities for fellows to be thought leaders in their communities and beyond.


The 2016 Fellowship program will run through October 31, 2016. Fellows will work part time. Specific schedules and deadlines for each Fellow will be determined individually at the beginning of the Fellowship, with updates on progress submitted regularly to the Project Drawdown Research Team.

Scope of work

Fellows will be assigned up to 3 solutions. Each solution requires the Fellow to revise and augment:

1) Technical Report (5,000-6,000 words), including literature review, methodology, and discussion sections; 
2) Solution-specific financial and climate models, including acquiring additional data points; and
3) Supplemental information (depending upon solution).

In addition, Fellows will be assigned a new Coming Attraction solution. Coming Attractions require the fellow to prepare:

4) Assessment Memo (1,500 words) evaluating the potential of a upcoming solution.

It is estimated that each solution will require 100-120 hours to complete, depending on previous experience and knowledge of the solution.


Research fellows will receive a stipend of US$1,500 per solution report undertaken. In addition, fellows will benefit from professional development opportunities, networking with our broad coalition of climate leaders, and attribution in all materials produced from their research. Travel and accommodation costs will not be compensated.


Work may be conducted remotely worldwide or on-site at the Drawdown offices in Sausalito, CA USA.

Qualifications sought

  • Master’s degree required in one or more of the following subject areas: climate/physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, economics, statistics, data science, policy analysis, or related field; PhD or equivalent work experience preferred. Note: Exceptional current graduate students with significant experience will also be considered.
  • 5+ years of experience in sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency, bio-sequestration, agriculture, international development, material reduction, or related field.
  • Strong experience in quantitative analysis, data modeling or econometrics required.
  • Strong research, analysis and writing skills. Demonstrated ability and commitment to conduct research and produce scholarly work.
  • Experience with preparing clear, compelling, and high-quality reports and presentations.
  • Project management skills, capable of meeting deadlines.
  • Interest in and ability to work remotely, yet in collaboration with a team of researchers in different time zones. Comfort with teleconferencing technologies. Ability to participate in videoconferences between the hours of 9:00am – 12:00 pm Pacific Time.