Behavioral Change Coordinator (WASH)

Zahle, , LB

Job Description


To coordinate the operationalization, implementation, and monitoring of the WASH interventions (e.g. Hygiene Promotion, WASH Committee empowerment, WASH infrastructure installation, etc.) within World Vision’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program in the Bekaa, with the goal to improve the public health of the target population.


Major Activities

End Results Expected

  • Dynamically supervise a team of Hygiene/Health Promoters.

  • Develop and continually update Detailed Implementation Plans (DIPs) for the delivery of project WASH interventions.

  • Successfully operationalize the planned WASH interventions.

  • Ensure the formation and functionality of health and hygiene groups and communities (e.g. WASH Committees , WASH Committees, MAGs, Child hygiene clubs) in the ITS

  • A well-functioning team of Hygiene/Health Promoters that are actively ensuring the timing implementation of project interventions to the target beneficiaries, while continually learning and adjusting the operational approaches.

  • Develop technical resources (e.g. strategic framework, standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals) to guide World Vision’s WASH Behavior Change programming, drawing from international best practices, along with field specific observations and formative research.

  • Clear resources are developed and in use to empower the WASH teams to effectively carry out WASH Behavior Change interventions.

  • Develop and execute a capacity building plan for World Vision Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH) and Health staff.

  • WV WASH and Health staff are adequately trained and assessed on their skills and ability to deliver the intended Hygiene interventions.

  • Ensure that all WASH-related data (e.g. baseline assessments, activity monitoring) is well managed and provides an accurate representation of the reality on the ground.

  • Validate the accuracy of the data, and the quality of the WASH interventions.

  • Submit regular reports related to the project’s WASH interventions.

  • Well-managed and clear databases are being used to plan, monitor, and modify the WASH interventions.

  • Identify, assess, and report public health-related risks to WV Leadership and other key stakeholders

  • A clear mechanism is in place to monitor and report public health-related risks within the target communities.

Security management responsibilities:

  • Responsible of the day-to-day security management

  • Abide by the security procedures and policies and report any breaches

  • Participate in personal safety training as required

HEA responsibilities:

  • Be aware of emergency procedures in a response,

Other duties:

  • Attend and participate in capacity building trainings locally and internationally, if any

  • Attend and participate in WVL’s spiritual nurture events and other organizational events

  • Perform other relevant tasks as assigned



  • Ensures personal safety and the safety of the field WASH team.

  • Be an active member of World Vision staff.


  • Bachelor degree in Public Health, Environmental Science, Nursing, or any other WASH-related field, e.g. Engineering, but with proven WASH behavior change experience. (Master degree strongly preferred).

  • 5 years relevant experience in local community and within an NGO context.

  • Proven people management experience.

  • Experience in research and relief project implementation.

  • Independent, Self-starter and Creative

  • Research experience

  • Languages: fluent in English and Arabic

  • Experience in managing staff

  • Good understanding of Sphere relief standards.

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

  • Good interpersonal and written and oral communication skills

  • Must have cross-cultural sensitivity, problem solving and negotiation skills.

  • Good team building skills, Acquire a creative, innovative, and adaptability personality.

  • Ability to cope and work under pressure.

  • Familiarity with the culture of the affected population, ability to develop respect from a wide range of people and strong ability to communicate effectively on hygiene matters.

  • A full commitment to World Vision’s core values and mission statement.

  • Full adherence to World Vision Lebanon Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Full adherence to security protocols