Baseline KAP Survey for Sustainable and Resilient Pro-Poor Water Supply Project via ReliefWeb

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The general objective of the baseline assessment & analysis is to assess WASH, Health and Disaster Management in the most vulnerable population of 10 barangays in Cebu. Mandaue, Lapu-lapu and Talisay City. The result will be part of the reference for planning activities and primary focus of interventions of the project. More specifically, it aims to address the following questions:


· What is the existing health and WASH situation in the targeted area of the project?

· What are the specific WASH related behaviors that needs to be improved in the areas?

· What are existing activities/interventions/services being offered by thegovernment or different organization in the areas?

· How many of them have access to the safe water and sanitary latrines?

· What are determinants influencing household decision in connecting to safe water supply and building sanitary latrines? Are these factors related to personal, cultural or system related?


· What are the hazard identified in the target sites? How is it link to the WASH?

· What are existing capacities/ activities/interventions/services being done by the government and non-government organization in the community to address disaster risks?

· Is there available disaster plans in place? Is the plan being translated into action?

· What hinders the community to practice actions in the plan?

The consultant/assessment team is expected to work for the duration of 8 weeks.

The assessment team will familiarize with the project’s plans of action and will work in close coordination with the Project Team. The consultant/assessment team will undertake the following tasks on the proposed timeline:

A. Contracting of the Consultant/Consulting Group

B. Briefing/Consultation Meeting of the Consultant/Assessment Team

C. Presentation of Inception Report including assessment instruments, proposed schedule of activities project’s

D. Desk Review

E. Data Collection

F. Report Writing

G. Submission of First Draft Report

H. Presentation of Draft Report for comments/feedback to project principals

I. Submission and Acceptance of Final Report

The consultant is expected to start the work thru a briefing/consultation meeting with the project team. Towards the end of the process, the assessment team will submit its first draft baseline assessment & analysis report to the project principals and present it during a deliberation meeting participated by both NHQ officers and Chapter representatives. The assessment team/consultant shall use this feedback mechanism to finalize the report.

Further, the consultant shall be responsible in submitting the final report of the baseline assessment & baseline notlater than one (1) week after the completion of the presentation of the draft report to key project principals.

How to apply:

For more information about the Consultancy Opportunity, Terms of Reference is available at the link below:…

Interested parties are expected to send an email with their (1) Curriculum Vitae and (2) Baseline Assessment & Analysis Proposal including forecasted travel expenses at [email protected] on or before the 5th of June 2017.