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Dohuk, Iraq 🇮🇶

Background on ACTED

Since 1993, as an international non-governmental organization, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential.
ACTED endeavors to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society worldwide by investing in people and their potential.
We go the last kilometer: ACTED’s mission is to save lives and support people in meeting their needs in hard to reach areas. ACTED develops and implements programs that target the most vulnerable amongst populations that have suffered from conflict, natural disaster, or socio-economic hardship. ACTED’s approach looks beyond the immediate emergency towards opportunities for longer term livelihoods reconstruction and sustainable development.

With a budget of 190 million EUR in 2015, ACTED is active in 35 countries and implements more than 495 projects a year reaching over11 million beneficiaries with 400 international staff and 4,300 national staff.

Country profile

Country Profile 2015
Number of projects : 38
Number of areas : 4
Number of national staff : 313
Annual budget (EUR) : 21 M Euros
Number of offices : 6
Number of international staff : 23

Position context and key challenges
ACTED has been present in Iraq supporting conflict affected populations since 2004 and currently operates in 15 regions. For the last 4 years, our team of 350 people has been responding to the Syrian refugee and IDP crisis, notably in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where ACTED supports over 1.5 million people. Our multi-sectoral approach addresses the most urgent needs of internally displaced people and refugees by ensuring their protection, delivering life-saving food assistance, providing shelter and non-food item packages with lifesaving items and improving their living environment in and out of camps through camp management and Water, Hygiene and Sanitation activities.

Position profile

The WASH Program Officer will work in and oversee ACTED’s WASH Programme in
He/she reports immediately to the Area Coordinator concerning any difficulty met in the implementation of his/her activities, in dealing with beneficiaries, authorities or with other stakeholders, or with concern to security.
With these objectives the WASH Programme Officer is responsible for:
• Building/rehabilitation/preventive maintenance of water and sanitation facilities in emergency and long-term settings
• Water quality and delivery monitoring or organization
• Solid waste management and hygiene promotion
• Coordination with stakeholders involved in water and waste management at local level

1. Ensure external representation of ACTED in relevant sectors
– Representation vis-à-vis provincial authorities
– Representation vis-à-vis Donors:
– Representation vis-à-vis international organisations

More generally, the program manager is expected to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organisation, notably through the application of ACTED’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.

2. Project Cycle Management
– Project implementation:
– Project reporting requirements
More generally, communicate systematically to the relevant Country Coordinator on project
progress and planning.

3. Provide Relevant Technical Expertise
– Provide technical inputs and guidance and ensure that technical quality and standards
are considered during project implementation
– Undertake quality control

4. Oversee Program Staff and Security
– Guide and direct program staff
– Contribute to the recruitment of expatriate and national staff
– Oversee staff security

5. Identify Best Practices and Lessons Learned
– Collect information and tools employed for project implementation;
– Draft memos detailing lessons learned and best practices identified during the project;
– Share such memos with internal and external partners;
– Communicate such information to the Country Director or Area Coordinator, to Regional Support Offices and to HQ Reporting Department.


Degree in civil engineering, water engineering, or related courses;
At least 1 years of experience in project implementation and construction, preferably in an international context;
At least 1 years of experience in water supply, water quality, sanitation, and related fields;
Experience in Greenfield sites preferred.
Experience in refugee camp situations preferred.
Arabic language preferred.
Rapid deployment required.


Salary defined by the ACTED salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus
Additional monthly living allowance
Free food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse
Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance
Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package

Submission of applications

Please send your application including cover letter, CV and references to [email protected] under

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