Policy Analyst/ Advisor in Energy and Environment

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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UNDP and the State of Kuwait, represented by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Planning and Development (GSSCPD), strive to enhance institutional capacities at various government agencies by providing them with necessary technical support to strengthen their capacities and skills to perform their expected duties.

Under the framework of the Institutional and Technical support for the establishment of Kuwait Public Policy Centre (KPPC) project, UNDP will collaborate closely with GSSCPD to support the establishment of a pioneer KPPC to address policy making gaps and mainstream policy research, analysis and studies in the policy making process.

The KPPC seeks to be a reliable resource that will influence national policies and strategies. The project builds on UNDP’s mandate and strategic vision and aims to promote efficient governance and institutional management. This project will provide a framework of how UNDP will accompany the GSSCPD in its ambition to improve the quality of policy making in Kuwait and in particular on how the KPPC can contribute to that, while operating under the umbrella of GSSCPD.

Within this context, the KPPC is seeking to recruit Policy Analyst/ Advisor in Energy and Environment to support the GSSCPD through the Kuwait Public Policy Center (KPPC) in reviewing, analyzing and preparing relevant research documents and studies related to Energy and Environment pillar in the KNDP. The policy objectives are to:

  • Employment of renewable energies program and development of energy and water conservation systems in the public buildings.
  • Air environment safety conservation program
  • Waste management efficiency improvement program