Partnership Portfolio Consultant with Partnership Portfolio Management (PPM) team

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

New York, NY, US

Project Description 

The mission of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. It is the operational arm of the United Nations development system at the country level. UNDP works with partners worldwide to promote sustainable development, inclusive and effective governance, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and resilience building to prevent conflict and improve capacity to deal with natural disasters.  In all our activities, we promote the protection of human rights and the empowerment of women, minorities and the poorest and most vulnerable.

As a development partner in nearly 170 countries, UNDP supports Governments in designing and implementing programmes funded either from their own resources (national budgets), grants made by various donors, and, increasingly, grants and loans provided by international financial institutions and other partners. 

The Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy (BERA) is responsible for UNDP’s external relations and advocacy functions. The Bureau leads and supports the organization in cultivating, building and nurturing strategic relationships and alliances that are essential for advancing and successfully achieving the mission of UNDP.

The Partnerships Group (PG) in BERA is responsible for relationships between UNDP and its donors and partners. PG acts as a facilitator and catalyst of partnership strategies with UNDP’s donors and partners and actively supports new partnerships and resource mobilization to maximize UNDP’s development impact.


The Partnership Portfolio Management (PPM), team is responsible for managing the OECD/DAC donors within PG, developing and implementing engagement strategies based on agreed targets and goals to support a stable resource base (core and non-core) for the organization. 

The PPM team coordinates internal support and outreach, provides intelligence to inform decision-making and prioritization of resource mobilization (RM) initiatives by senior management.  PPM team supports, the presentation of signature UNDP products and initiatives to partner countries in assigned portfolios, in line with UNDP’s strategic priorities and to maximize resource mobilization opportunities in collaboration with relevant Bureaux. PPM also supports UNDP units and to showcase projects and results with their partners.

The PPM team is looking to contract and individual consultant who will provide support services on the partnership development and portfolio management, coordinating core and noncore resource mobilization, and knowledge building and knowledge sharing across BERA Partnerships to help mainstream donor information at all levels of the organization.