WASH Program Manager

Aden, , YE

General description of the position

Under the supervision of the Field Coordinator, you’ll have to implement WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) projects in an acute emergency context with high needs and volatile security situation, to identify and implement high quality WASH activities which are appropriate and comprehensive, in conformity with overarching strategy and the standards set internationally, by ACF and by national policies. 

More precisely, you will be in charge to:

  • Identify needs and contribute to deliberations on strategy and the positioning of the WASH Department  and to project elaboration
  • Set up, implement and report on WASH projects
  • Contribute the quality of monitoring, evaluation, accountability, learning ,impact measurement process an capitalization
  • Participate in coordination, & partnerships
  • Supervise and manage the team
Do you fit the requested profile ?

You hold a Degree in WASH related studies (engineering, public health, geology…). You have a significant experience at least 3 years minimum in WASH activities in emergency situations

Good experience in capacity building and remote management.

You speak and write English fluently, Arabic speaking skills are an asset.

Specific conditions / Salary

A specific allowance is granted for this position (12% of the salary)

Work context

Context:  Yemen is one of the three emergency L3 in the world. The needs in the country are very high and the context is challenging. ACF Yemen has been scaling up its emergency intervention substantially throughout 2016 and will continue to do so, especially in the field of Nutrition. ACF in Yemen implements Nutrition/Health, Food Security and WASH programming, and is recognized as one of the key emergency actors in the country. Security conditions remain volatile, and imply very strict security rules and limited opporunities for leisure or social gathering.

The position is based in Aden, where another 5 expatriates are permanently based. Living conditions in Aden imply strict movement restrictions, and limited opportunities for social gathering: you should be ready to evolve under such conditions and strictly follow established security rules. You also need to be ready to remotely manage your programs, as expatriates do not have access to the field in Aden.  

WASH projects on going:

  • An integrated Nutrition-WASH project funded by UNICEF where ACF is working with Ministry of Public Health and Population and GARWSP (General Authority for Rural Water Supply projects) in Abyan and Lahj Governorate of Yemen. The WASH team will rehabilitate and construct the water, sanitation and medical waste management facilities in 29 health facilities of 2 Governorate through detail technical assessment. The project started in May 2017 and the construction activities should be completed by March 2018. In addition, distribution of hygiene kits to SAM patients and hygiene promotion are also included in this project.
  • GAC funded integrated WASH-FSL project in 3 districts of Lahj and Abyan Governorate. It is an emergency response project where the WASH team will rehabilitate water sources; construction of latrines, distribution of hygiene kits and hygiene promotion through integration with FSL department.
  • SIDA funded project in Hajjah, Lahj and Abyan Governorate. Activities are same as the above mentioned GAC project. WASH team will also integrate this project with FSL department

ACF is currently implementing RRM (Rapid Response Mechanism) project which is a FSL-WASH-NUT integrated project, managed by separate team but WASH team needs to support this project as most of the first line responses are related to WASH (water supply, sanitation, hygiene promotion and distribution of hygiene kits).