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Concern Worldwide is an international non-governmental humanitarian organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries

Concern Worldwide invites Expressions of Interest for the provision of the following consultancy services:



Concern Worldwide is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries. Concern engages in long-term development work, responds to emergency situations, and seeks to address the root causes of poverty through development education and advocacy work.

In Somaliland, Concern started its operations in year 2010. Concern is currently implementing long term integrated Food, Income and Markets and Health (Water and Environmental Sanitation) programme that has been developed based on the findings of a contextual analysis process and subsequent field assessments. In addition, concern is implementing emergency programmes in response to the drought situation following consecutive rain failures since 2013. Concern’s emergency programme in Somaliland under which this consultancy falls covers Awdal, Gabiley and Togdheer Regions. The dominant livelihood options in the regions include cultivation and sale of agricultural and livestock produce, petty trade and casual labour.


Concern has received funding from European Union Humanitarian Aid to conduct a hydro-geophysical survey in Awdal Region in 2017. Concern has been implementing several water and sanitation projects in Awdal Region and intends to support drilling of a borehole in Weeraar village in Zaylac District in 2017. This proposed consultancy is to conduct a comprehensive hydrogeological/geophysical survey and related assessments in the preselected village and surrounding for exploring groundwater such that the community in the village and surrounding shall have access to safe and sufficient water production for human consumption and livestock use.


Conduct hydro geological surveys in Weeraar village and surrounding to establish the most suitable location of permeable deposits that would be storing adequate amounts of potable water to be exploited through a drilled borehole. The study should clearly recommend anticipated maximum depth of drilling and description of aquifer types.

Carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed borehole to ensure that proper planning is done and that likely potential negative impact that might arise from developing the project are predicted and mitigation and monitoring measures included in the project design are in compliance with the Country Environment Management requirements.


This survey will be conducted in Weeraar village in Awdal Region having GPS coordinates 10.260570° North and 43. 245607° East


The Consultant is to carry out geophysical measurements within the study area using the ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000, which distinguishes between clays and fresh water by use of Induced Polarization (IP) measurements. Furthermore, Werner traverses may be carried out, at different spacing to map out possible buried faults.

The hydrogeological/geophysical investigations will be carried out according to a multi-step approach:

  1. A desk study and data-acquisition: Review of existing data, topographical maps, satellite images(Landsat TM with 30 m resolution), existing studies and borehole site investigations in the area, geological reports and maps (if available), borehole and surface water records, etc.

  2. Hydrogeological fieldwork: Detailed reconnaissance survey of project area. (GPS co-ordinates, water level measurements, TDS and EC, condition, usage and performance where applicable) inspection of geological, geomorphological and structural characteristics of the investigated area; verification of existing data and findings.

  3. Geophysical measurements: resistivity/IP profiling and vertical electrical/IP soundings.

  4. Analysis of hydrogeological/geophysical data.

  5. Compilation, analysis, and evaluation of the gathered data and information.

  6. Site selection and reporting.

Expected outputs of the Hydrogeological survey

A Hydrogeological Investigations report detailing the following:

  1. Description of the Geology and hydrogeology (incl. Inventory of boreholes and other water points)of the area of investigation;

  2. Methods of investigations employed, including Geophysical Techniques

  3. Detailed resistivity/IP survey (Wenner & VES) to delineate the productive aquifer- Consultant to carry out minimum of 500m Werner profiles and 6 VES soundings. Out of the 6 soundings, 2 shall be control soundings.

  4. Information on the aquifer potential; sustainable yield & water quality;

  5. Proposed drilling site, recommended maximum drilling depths, water strikes levels and aquifer types.

  6. Proposed drilling method, and its applicability in the project area.

  7. Mark 1 drilling site within the village and it’s surrounding with a concrete mark stone in presence of the WES Committees and collect GPS coordinates of the sites and submit the same along with the final survey report.

    Environmental Impact Assessment

Conduct an environmental impact assessment for the project which includes;

  • Nature of the project, location of project area,

  • Activities that shall be undertaken during the project construction, operation and decommissioning phase.

  • Project design, materials to be used and by products, and disposal methods.

  • Potential environmental impact of the project and mitigation measures.

  • Economical and socio-cultural impact.

  • Any other information the authority may require.


The duration of the consultancy should not exceed 14 days from the date of signing the agreement. Actual field work days inclusive of travel within Somaliland being 4 days. A proposed work and travel plan will be developed during the consultation meeting with the Area Manager, Somaliland. The consultant will prepare a tentative work plan for the study and include this in their offer. The work plan should set out the timelines of the following activities;

  • Acquisition and review of secondary data in the office

  • Assessments/surveys and meetings with relevant stakeholders in the field in Somaliland

  • Data analysis and reporting


The consultant shall report to the Somaliland Area Manager or his assigned delegate. The final report will be a comprehensive account of the whole consultancy, to professional standard. It will review the existing literature and other relevant information, such as drilling logs, satellite images, etc. The report shall include all field data, interpretations and justifications, hydrogeological evaluations, conclusions and recommendations relating to the investigated area. In addition, appropriate maps, diagrams and data plots shall be presented.

The reports must be prepared in simple and clear English. The draft reports should be submitted within 7 days after completion of field work. The final reports must be submitted within 3 days of getting feedback from Concern Worldwide. The final reports will be drawn up in 3 copies each and submitted also in soft copy (in MS WORD or PDF Formats) to the Concern Worldwide for approval. Final payment to the Consultant shall be made upon approval of the final report by the Concern Worldwide.

The following report format will be adhered to for the Hydrogeological survey report:

(i) Cover page:

  1. Title of the study with the logos of Concern Worldwide and the donor.

  2. Consultant’s details: name and contact

  3. Date of the study

    (ii) Table of contents

    (iii) Executive summary, max 2 pages

  4. Brief description of the assignment

  5. Objectives of the consultancy, methodology and duration of the study

  6. Main findings, conclusions and recommendations

    (iv) Main body of the report, max 10 pages

    It will provide comprehensive details of the points listed in the Executive Summary. It will contain a description of the findings and an analysis or interpretation of the data collected. It will include a detailed description of the approach and methodology of the survey/assessment. Conclusions and recommendations should be clear and practical based on the local context.

    (v) Annexes

  7. Terms of Reference;

  8. Werner profiles and VES Data;

  9. List of literature and documents consulted;

  10. List of persons / organizations consulted;

  11. List of places / sites visited;

  12. Tools / materials used in the assignment;

  13. Sketch Maps for all the sites investigated and clear indication of the recommended and an alternative site.

  14. BOQs and cost estimates for drilling and construction of the borehole which must be quoted in USD.

  15. Photos taken during the survey with one showing the exact clearly marked site selected for drilling of the borehole


Concern will cover the cost of accommodation, food and transport (personnel and equipment) to, from and within Somaliland. The consultant is expected to include all costs related to this consultancy in his/her cost proposal.


  • The consultant(s) should have a degree in Hydrogeology/Geophysics

  • The consultant must be registered by a relevant professional governing body

  • Proven experience on similar tasks and assignments

  • Possess necessary resources to undertake works of such a magnitude including equipment, personnel vehicles etc. (include list of equipment, CVs of personnel)

How to apply:

Interested candidates who meet the above requirements must submit the following;

  1. A detailed technical proposal that must include the proposed methodology, work plan indicating the earliest date of availability to undertake assignment, list of equipment, work completion certificates, a list of previous work done in Somaliland or similar hydro geological set up, one report of similar assignment carried out by the consultant, postal, telephone and email contacts of three previous clients, CV of the lead consultant any other personnel to be involved in the assignment

  2. A financial proposal quoted in USD

All submissions must be addressed to the HR Coordinator, Concern Worldwide, Nairobi to the following email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]t with the subject of the email as ‘Hydro-Geophysical Survey – Awdal’**. The closing date for submission is** Thursday, 25th May 2017**.

Concern has a Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from abuse and exploitation.