Hydrogeological Consultant

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The purpose of the REACT project is to promote the mainstreaming of environmental sustainability in the UN system, focusing in particular on peacekeeping operations, by supporting the United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS) in their efforts to improve their own environmental and energy performance. Peacekeeping operations are international missions mandated by the UN Security Council to operate in specific countries and parts of countries for specific periods. The operations usually take place in locations with a fragile environment and a serious lack of infrastructure. The environmental footprint of UN Peacekeeping Operations is not benchmarked against any specific standard or other organization but it is considered to have significant room for improvement in a large number of critical areas. UN Peace operations represents over 50% of the current UN system Climate Footprint and as such are instrumental in reaching the UN wide target of Climate Neutrality by 2020 that is demanded by the Secretary General and the UN Chief Executives’ Board.

UNEP will act in the role of an in-house technical assistance (TA) team and will provide expertise to support DFS in planning, designing, financing and implementing a range of actions that will cumulatively result in a substantial reduction in the environmental footprint. Within DFS, a primary partner of UNEP will the Global Support Centre based in Brindisi, Italy. The GSC provides a wide range of engineering, logistical and IT support to missions.

Functional Responsibilities

The purpose of the hydrogeological consultancy assignment is to support DFS and the missions in improving their performance in groundwater resource management and to build the internal capacity to continue to improve over time.

The consultant will be home based and over 50% of the projected work time is expected to consist of travel to missions. Much of the home-based time will be spent writing up trip reports and preparing for the next field trip. The travel will mainly be in the form of 1- 2 weeks assignments to individual peacekeeping missions and include extended time in the field. 

The consultant must be prepared to undertake this level of travel to peacekeeping locations. The consultant will be hosted by the peacekeeping missions who will be responsible for providing safety and security.

Limited additional travel will be required to the GSC offices in Brindisi, Italy. UNEP and UNOPS will organize and fund all business related travel, including from the contractor home base.

The scope of the assignment will be divided into two: a) Mission support and b) GSC support on procurement.

Mission support

Visit missions to:

  • Contribute in the planning, cost estimating and implementing water supply investment programmes;
  • Troubleshoot recurrent equipment and site performance problems;
  • Train mission engineering personnel in groundwater resource management;
  • Design and complete investigations and lead teams in support of groundwater exploration; undertake field work and site visits for investigative and monitoring purposes;
  • Design and commission boreholes, and sampling and measuring groundwater and surface water;
  • Undertake environment impact assessments of groundwater abstraction and management activities. Analyse collected information to assess and predict the impact of activities such as landfills, on groundwater quality and resource availability;
  • Protecting water supplies from pollution;

Provide follow up through online and telephone helpdesk service. Write technical guidance notes to cover recurrent issues. Review all submitted proposed groundwater project plans. Support mission procurement for water management equipment and services.

Global Support Centre support

  • Write reports outlining the experience of the missions and recurrent problems and solutions, including interpreting technical data and information from maps and historical documents to provide appropriate technical guidance.
  • Provide technical and practical input to the GSC led global procurement process for standardized equipment, such as: Depth probes and data loggers, Water meters, Downhole pumps and pump power supplies; etc.