AquaHacking 2017 Youth Delegate


US or Canada (Great Lakes), , XV

Waterlution and Foundation de Gaspé Beaubien are partnering to select the AquaHacking 2017 Youth Delegation.

Apply here:

Who can apply? Applications are open to candidates from the rising generation (18 – 35 years), living in or from the Great Lakes region in Canada and the United States (with preference to those in the Lake Erie basin). Applicants must have previous experience, or a strong desire, to focus their work on the Great Lakes or Lake Erie specifically. It would be best if you already have projects to bring forward, but a desire to support the ideas collectively agreed on is also welcome (see more details, page 2).  

What is the Youth Delegation?
The 2017 Youth Delegation represents the rising generation committed to do its parts to save Lake Erie specifically (and the Great Lakes). AquaHacking is the opportunity to voice your vision of a better future for this watershed and its region. The chosen 12-14 delegates will receive a weekend training workshop and ongoing support to be prepared to deliver an outcome at the AquaHacking Summit (September 13, 2017) and implement a project plan that spans beyond the summit.

This is for you if you are:
●    18 to 35 years old.
●    Living around (or studying/ working on) the Great Lakes (Canada or the U.S.).
●    A creative and innovative thinker and doer, not afraid to have your voice heard.
●    Passionate about engaging with peers and experts to bridge science-art-policy and solve challenges facing Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.
●    Coming from public or private sector, academia & research, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, art or with policy/technical expertise.
●    Coming with ideas on how to address these challenges (either your own project, research, or insights).
●    Ready to organize a call to action and continue to carry your voice after the AquaHacking Summit.

We especially invite youth representing indigenous, newcomer or minority communities from the Great Lakes region to apply.

What will you gain from this experience?
● Pitch your Lake Erie/ Great Lakes science-art-policy project or research for it to be further developed/supported and if applicable, initiated.
● Receive a leadership training – all costs covered while building deeper connections with like-minded people. Increase your knowledge of Lake Erie challenges and opportunities.
● Network with key organizations and stakeholders in the Lake Erie basin.
● Get public coverage for having your voice heard through press interviews (papers, TV, radio interviews) and sharing your projects, blogs, posts, and videos created to showcase your learning in this program.
● Increase your confidence in public speaking about what is important to you/th.
●Join the network of Waterlution and AquaHacking for future opportunities!

Please ensure you review all details prior to applying. Details and a pdf are available here: Apply here:
For questions please contact Dona Geagea, Youth Engagement Designer dona @