Team Leader WASH Communication, Marketing and Construction Supervision

GFA Consulting Group

Zambia 🇿🇲

Project Description:

The Government of Zambia in 2011 launched the National Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Program (NUWSSP). It addresses the needs of the urban water and sanitation sector and aims at improving livelihoods and public health of Zambia’s urban population. 

The approach is holistic and integrated and it encompasses the provision of water supply and sanitation in a broad sense of including off and on site facilities as well as solid waste management and drainage which are all indispensable components for creating a robust sustainable system.

This consultancty service shall be a comprehensive communication programme focusing on sanitation marketing and hygiene promotion for on-site sanitation in the selected Project areas of Lusaka City. The programme will involve implementation of communication and sanitation marketing strategies developed by World Bank Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) consultancy to promote decentralized sanitation and hygiene Education in the selected impact areas, particularly at household level. It includes four components:
1)   Sanitation, Hygiene promotion and Education
2)   Construction of climate resilient on-site sanitation infrastructure
3)   Construction of Climate resilient public sanitation facilities
4)   Construction of climate resilient Feacal Sludge Management.

The objectives of this assignment include the following:

• Implementation of messages and creative concepts designed under the WB communication and sanitation marketing Consultancy and the Information and education communication (IEC) materials under the Millennium Challenge Corporation funded Lusaka Water Supply Sanitation and Drainage Project.

• Production of promotional materials (brochures, t-shirts, caps, wrappers etc.) from the recommended production company by the WB sanitation marketing consultancy. These materials will be used for promotional purposes in the AfDB project areas.

• Promotion of awareness in communities on sanitation and hygiene education by effectively inculcating a sense of responsibility and ownership in order to ensuring sustainability of water and sanitation services.

• Promotion of behavior change towards sanitation and hygiene practices and strengthen the relationship between LWSC and the Communities by promoting dialogue and feedback in order to reduce water borne diseases.

• Development of a communication and sanitation marketing strategy for School WASH, and materials that will support LWSC in improving coverage of safely contained sanitation facilities and uptake of safe disposal services in the Peri-Urban areas of Lusaka.

• Provision of training of trainers and other capacity building programmes for Schools and Community Facilitators.

• Promotion of gender equality in all project activities and build capacity in gender mainstreaming among the Ward Development Committee (WDC’S).

• Identification, training, facilitation and supervision of the CBE’S in construction of the household toilet facilities in the identified project areas.

• Development of a community management system for Public Sanitation Toilets in Markets.

• Development of a checklist/criteria on how the Households (HH’s) toilets construction will be supervised and monitored.

• Encouragement of community participation by promoting a sense of ownership in the facilities through stakeholders meetings, workshops, trainings and motivating them to make contributions towards the construction of household toilets.

• Raising awareness in sanitation and hygiene education with support of the Ministry of health and LWSC using PHAST approach.

Job Description:

General tasks :

  • Management of experts
  • Coordination with client and partners
  • Coordination with GFA project manager
  • Financial project management
  • General responsibility for delivery of objectives as named above

Phase I (12 months) :

  • Review of all baseline reports and including the Ecopsis Report;
  • Identify training needs for Lusaka City Council (LCC), Community Based Enterprises (CBE’s), Ward Development Committees (WDC’S) and other community structures in their role towards the construction of 2000 housholds toilets.
  • Working in close collaboration with Peri- Urban Department of LWSC, the consultant is expected to review the existing PHAST training manuals to incorporate appropriate messages for the communities in the project priority areas.
  • Design the Community based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework;
  • Train WDC’S, Component Facilitators and other identified groups such as Faith Based organizations and Water Committee Groups in the project impact areas in WASH and other training deemed as appropriate by the consultant.
  • Form/revamp and train Community Based Enterprises in the construction of housholds sanitation facilities in the project areas. 
  • Implement messages which will be designed in the World Bank financed Sanitation Marketing consultancy in order to address the needs of individual target communities and produce promotional materials which shall include but not be     limited to; visual aids including fliers, radio shows, Billboards and programmes etc.
  • Carry out Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST): 

Phase II (24 months) :

  • Carry out WASH Friendly School Campaigns (using school of five approach or any other)
  • Carry out Health Centre Campaign
  • Construction of Sanitation Infrastructure


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Education, Sociology, Development Studies  or Public Health
  • 8 years experience in community mobilization at senior management level in Donor Funded Projects or reputable NGO
  • 15 years experience in gender mainstreaming, stakeholder liaison and capacity building
  • Strong experience in team leading and project management
  • Strong competences in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • At least 3 years’ experience in water sector in Zambia
  • Computer literate in Microsoft Office, Statistical Package for social sciences (SPSS)