Team Leader/River Basin Planner

Mott MacDonald

Nepal 🇳🇵

Job Profile

Mott MacDonald have been invited to tender for the World Bank-funded ‘Preparation of River Basin Plans and Hydropower Development Master Plans’ in Nepal.

The scope of works includes:
  • Preparation of River Basin Plans
  • Preparation of Hydropower Master Plans
  • Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)
  • Support for Capacity Development of the Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS)

Job Description

The Team Leader (24 working-months over 3 years) will:
  • Be responsible for the overall direction of the team, coordination of inputs and management of individual specialists;
  • Carry out extensive consultations with key stakeholders obtaining suggestions and concurrence with the contents of the plan;
  • Review, check and verify land, water and other resources data, water balance computations, etc. in relation to existing and planning/proposed/potential water sector projects within basins;
  • Lead the development of the river basin plans, hydropower master plans and strategic management plan based on the use and expansion of the existing information system that support Flood/Drought forecasting, Basin planning and management, Techno-economic clearance for projects, Water allocation, Regulation, Monitoring and evaluation, Benefit optimisation, Conflict Resolution, IWRM implementation, Co-ordination, Sustainable water resources development, Demand/support project, Water Resources Infrastructure Operational policy development, etc.
  • Coordinate multi-disciplinary tasks specifically for the preparation of river basin plans, hydropower development plan and SESA studies;
  • Supervise the data acquisition system required for river basin plans, hydropower development plans and SESA studies;
  • Supervise the development of distributed hydrologic model, river system model, development of basin plans, power market assessment model and hydropower optimisation model;
  • Overall responsibility for procurement and installation of necessary hardware and software according to GON and the Bank rules and guidelines;
  • Supervise the development of an operation strategy for installation of DSS at WECS;
  • Ensure timely delivery and quality control of all the deliverables and outputs.

Candidate Specification

The client has asked that the Team Leader:
  • Has a minimum of a Master’s degree, and preferably a doctoral degree in water resources related engineering disciplines;
  • A minimum of 15 years and preferably 20 years of professional experience;
  • Specific experience in water resources planning and development in two or more projects, and experience in one or more project with a position held similar to the one proposed for this assignment;
  • One or more professional trainings with at least a continuous one week duration;
  • Sound knowledge of river basin planning and management;
  • Ability to work with a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team.