Director (Infrastructure Resilience and Environmental Policy Program)

RAND Corporation

Santa Monica, CA, US

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Overview of RAND

The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND’s research and analysis address issues that impact people everywhere, including security, health, education, sustainability, growth, and development. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, RAND has approximately 1,700 people from more than 45 countries working in offices in North America, Europe and Australia, with annual revenues of more than $260 million.

RAND is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest.  Our research is sponsored by government agencies, foundations, other nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. We rely on philanthropic support to reach beyond the scope of client-sponsored work to tackle questions that may be too big, too complex, or too new for our clients to address. RAND values objectivity and integrity in both its research processes and internal interactions. We emphasize a collegial environment that respects the contributions and dignity of all staff.

Position Description

RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment (JIE) conducts policy research for an audience of public- and private-sector decisionmakers around the world. JIE includes three research programs:          

  • Infrastructure resilience and environmental policy (IREP), which encompasses infrastructure development and financing; energy policy; urban planning and the role of public-private partnerships; transportation policy; climate response, mitigation and adaptation; environmental sustainability including water resources management, disaster management, and coastal protection; and urban land use.
  • Science, technology, policy, which focuses on cybersecurity, nanotechnology, autonomy, privacy and related issues and
  • Justice policy, which focuses on policy issues surrounding public safety, criminal justice, and civil justice 

JIE seeks a Director to lead and manage its research program of the IREP program. RAND has two primary goals for the IREP director: 

Goal 1: Diversify the client base to includepublic and private sector leaders in infrastructure and environment policy analysis, with particular attention to the use of new methods and technologies, new financing models, and implementation science. IREP current client base includes government and foundation funding.

Goal 2: Direct the broad portfolio of work to cohere around the question: what infrastructure and environmental choices should municipalities and regions have to make to address the growing stress of urbanization? 

The Director will work half time managing IREP. Job responsibilities include: working with RAND’s dynamic and skilled research staff in identifying and pursuing research opportunities; representing RAND’s work to external audiences; ensuring that IREP researchers’ work meets RAND’s high quality standards; and working directly with IREP research staff to provide oversight and guidance. The Director will also work closely with the Pardee RAND Graduate School, helping to inform relevant curriculum and design and bridging IREP activities and graduate student opportunities. 

The other half of the Director’s time will be spent conducting his or her own research. RAND research is conducted by teams drawn from RAND’s multi-disciplinary pool of almost 1,000 researchers, and supported by staff with specialized experience in research programming, innovative methodologies, and data visualization, as well as outreach to ensure that RAND’s work reaches key decisionmakers.


A minimum of 10 years of research and management experience in one or more of the topical areas included within the IREP program. Additional requirements include:

  • A substantial track record of experience and excellence in academic, government, or private sector settings related to one or more of the policy areas of the program
  • Knowledge and understanding of a broad array of current and developing national and international issues within these topic areas
  • Research and analysis capabilities as evidenced by a strong track record of high quality publications
  • Experience managing a program, group, or set to staff that involves setting a research or policy agenda, marketing it, and managing the body of work
  • Exceptional abilities in interpersonal relations, managing staff and client relationships, and in written and oral communications 
  • The ability to travel for periodic marketing, project and client engagements
Education Requirements

Ph.D. in physical, biological, health or policy sciences or social sciences (e.g., economics; political science), preferred.  Other advanced degrees (e.g., JD, MD, MBA, MPP) with extensive research and research leadership experience also qualify.


Santa Monica, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; or Washington, DC

Writing Sample Required
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  • One writing sample is sufficient if it is a published journal article from a refereed source, otherwise  two writing samples are required
  • Newspaper articles are not appropriate writing samples 
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RAND is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Females/Vets/Disabled