12 PhD studentships in aquatic science

Europe, XV 🇽🇻

There are just over 2 weeks left to the 30 April deadline for PhD applications in the MANTEL (Management of Climatic Extreme Events in Lakes & Reservoirs for the Protection of Ecosystem Services) European Joint Doctorate (EJD) programme.  In an EJD, each student has two advisors, with PhD jointly awarded from two universities.  Each selected student will get a three year, well-funded PhD with an employment contract and take part in a network dedicated training programme.   The positions are open to all nationalities, but each student must undertake their studies in a country where they have not been resident for the past three years, that is there must be transnational mobility. They must also be early stage researchers (have undertaken less than four years research work since the degree that qualifies them to apply for the PhD position e.g. MSc or BSc – note the required degree varies  depending on the host institute).
PhD topics available include:

  • Time scales of physical change in the lake environment.
  • Sensitivity of lake types and their phytoplankton to environmental disturbance.
  • Aquatic microbial community responses to episodic events in Atlantic humic catchments.
  • Mitigating negative impacts of extreme events on the sustained provision of lake ecosystem services.
  • Benefit oriented rehabilitation to make degraded lakes more resilient to extreme events.
  • Determination of critical thresholds for ecosystem resilience from perturbation experiments.

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