Senior Resilience and Sustainability Specialist


San Francisco, CA, US

Job summary

AECOM is actively seeking a creative, highly talented Senior Resilience and Sustainability Specialist for immediate employment for the San Francisco, CA office. The selected candidate will join the Sustainable Development Group, part of AECOM’s global Planning + Economics Practice Line. The primary emphasis of the group is to promote resilience, socioeconomic and environmental sustainability in urban design, city planning, and policy projects. This is accomplished through employing rigorous economic and strategic planning techniques and developing innovative analytical approaches to providing solutions for delivering sustainability in varied domestic and international contexts. 

This position will focus on helping to manage and win climate adaptation, and resiliency projects primarily for local government and other public agencies, although could also include work for the private sector. A key role will be working on 100 Resilient Cities projects in the US and expanding the portfolio of resilient cities work. In addition, the successful candidate will support business development activities in the climate science, climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainability market sectors, as well as related endeavors.   

Qualified candidates will have excellent analytical and writing skills with education and/or professional background in sustainability, climate change adaptation, climate action planning and/or natural resource planning. The candidate must have a demonstrated expertise in resilience and sustainability, with a particular emphasis on climate change.  Example tasks and activities include:

  • Act as an specialist in the climate science arena, including having a solid understanding of the current state of the science associated with global climate models and the reasonable application of these models regional and local scales
  • Exhibit a depth of understanding of local, regional, and national policies and guidance related to climate science and climate change adaptation planning
  • Lead climate change vulnerability and risk assessments that consider an array of climate impacts, including sea level rise, precipitation, and temperature
  • Exhibit a depth of understanding of local, regional, and national policies and guidance related to city resilience 
  • Manage the financial aspects of assigned projects and/or tasks to ensure project work is completed on schedule and within the allocated budget
  • Assist in managing and growing the team 
  • Maintain regular and constructive communication with clients and project team members
  • Facilitate and present at project-related and client meetings
  • Remain active in the relevant academic, scientific, and professional community through presentations and participation in relevant seminars, conferences and symposiums and other activities. 
  • Establish and maintain client relations which include city, county, state and Federal publish officials
  • Lead and support business development activities at the local, national and international scales
  • Example Project Types:
  • Resiliency Strategies and Plans for state and local government
  • Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessments for municipalities, transportation agencies, utilities, private sector
  • Climate adaptation strategies for municipalities, transportation agencies, utilities
  • Climate Action Plans for cities of a range of sizes
  • Cost-benefit analysis for climate adaptation and mitigation plans
  • Development projections and carbon emissions modeling

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s of Science with an emphasis in a climate change related science (i.e., engineering, resource economics, environmental science, architecture etc or Master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., City and Regional Planning, Environmental Policy) from an accredited university
  • 10+ years of experience in the climate change / resilience arena, including positions of increasing responsibility and management
  • Experience working with city government (either as a consultant or staff person) 
  • Strong project management and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated experience leading multi-disciplinary teams to address climate change and other resilience related problems in a variety of sectors (i.e., transportation, water utilities, waste water utilities, natural systems, energy, etc.)
  • Strong detail-oriented work style, with excellent oral and written communication skills, and an accommodating and proactive attitude