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Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Lao PDR is looking for a Water & Sanitation Engineer, on a consultancy basis (approximately 60 days per year for up to 2 years, to be negotiated), to support technical designs and construction activities for the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) components of its large-scale USDA-funded project, “Learning and Engaging All in Primary School” (LEAPS II). This project will be implemented between 2016-2021 and will reach over 42,000 primary school students in approximately 360 schools in 7 educationally disadvantaged districts in Savannakhet Province. There are 3 WASH-specific activities that will be piloted in 65 of the 360 schools. CRS seeks an Engineer to support the CRS WASH team to carry-out activities in Construction/Rehabilitation of Wells and Water Sanitation/Systems and Construction/Rehabilitation of Latrines.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

  1. As required by WASH Manager or Chief of Party (COP) support CRS to set standard construction procedures, assess contractors/foreman and community skilled workers, and prepare contracts and documentation for construction works.
  2. Ensure contractors’ work is high quality as stipulated on the set construction standards and that construction deliverables are achieved as per the timeline.
  3. If required, build capacity of Water User Committees (WUC), hand pump mechanics, and/or CRS WASH team.

The consultancy will be divided into two phases:

Desktop/Office phase

  1. Design using Auto Cad or similar:
    1. 2-3 different aprons for hand pumps including drainages ending in soakway pits.
    2. Structural resistant aprons for schools having shallow wells in order to fit a hand pump.
    3. Design of spring catchment and distribution system to school if needed.
    4. 2-3 different designs of a double Cabin School toilet with septic tank and sub soil infiltration system.
    5. Design simple rainwater harvesting system using latrine roof.
    6. Handwashing devices with grey water draining to a soak way pit or school garden.
  2. Provide above designs in PDF and DWG files, with Bill of Quantities (BoQ) that include current market prices in Laos (preferably specific to Savannakhet Province if items are available on the local market).
  3. Provide technical advice on:
    1. Geophysics
    2. Borehole drilling
    3. Pumping tests
    4. Shallow well construction
    5. Spring catchment construction
    6. Construction Engineering (aprons, toilets, septic tanks, etc)
  4. Support WASH Manager and procurement team in drafting contracts and tenders, in-line with CRS Laos procurement policies.
  5. Support WASH Manager to manage contractors.
  6. Attend specific meetings as required by CRS WASH Manager or COP.
  7. Provide specific technical trainings as required by CRS WASH Manager or COP.
  8. Any additional design ideas to develop will be communicated by the CRS WASH Manager

Field Phase

  1. Train, together with WASH Manager, village foreman on construction designs for toilets, septic tanks, sub soil infiltration systems, aprons, drainages and how to supervise community skilled workers
  2. As required by CRS WASH Manager or COP, support monitoring of:
    1. Geophysical surveys
    2. Borehole drilling & pumping tests
  3. As required by CRS WASH Manager or COP, perform the following:
    1. Monitor construction of toilet superstructures, septic tanks and sub soil infiltration systems.
    2. Monitor construction of aprons, drainage systems and soak ways.
    3. Together with WASH Manager, assign specific tasks to foreman.
    4. Together with WASH Manager or COP, support management of contractors.
    5. Train of WASH team on hand pump installation and maintenance and support WASH team to conduct step-down training to community-level hand pump mechanics.
    6. Support/monitor installation of handpumps

Qualifications and Experience


  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrogeology or Construction Engineering.
  2. Minimum 5 years’ experience
  3. Proven experience in designing construction projects using Auto Cad
  4. Proven experience in implementation of water supply (gravity fed systems, drilling, pumping tests, hand pumps (installation, repair and training), sanitation (toilets structures, septic tanks and sub soil effluent infiltration systems construction or infrastructure projects is a must.
  5. Proven strong ability to provide technical assistance, expert advice, and mentoring to staff in WASH infrastructure projects.
  6. Experience in project management, planning, supervision, quality assurance and reporting.
  7. Excellent English language skills, written and spoken.
  8. Excellent communication skills and working cooperatively in a cross cultural context.
  9. Experience in group facilitation as well as coordinating between groups.
  10. Willingness to travel as necessary.

Desired / Advantageous

  1. Previous work experience in an International or national NGO in the field of WASH or other infrastructure WASH programs would be considered an asset.
  2. Previous work experience in Lao PDR.
  3. Proficiency in Lao language.
  4. Experience and/or knowledge of Lao policies or plans for water, sanitation, and hygiene; particularly WASH in schools and community-based WASH engagement.
  5. Previous experience collaborating with government structures in field-based activities.

Location / Timeline

The consultant’s work will take place primarily in Savannakhet Province. The consultancy is estimated to last approximately 60 days during the year (May 2017-April 2018).

Application Procedures

Applicants should submit a cover letter outlining qualifications and estimated price for services along with a curriculum vitae to the following email address: [email protected] by April 26, 2017 for consideration. The subject line of the email should read: Water & Sanitation Consultancy. Failure to comply with the application instructions could result in immediate rejection of the application.

For a more detailed Scope of Work for this position, please contact both Kham Xayyavong and Jessica Garrels prior to the submission deadline at [email protected] and [email protected]. The subject line of the email requesting additional information should read: Consultancy Info Request.

About the Organization

About CRS:

CRS is a leading international relief and development agency with over 70 years of experience and programs in over 100 countries. CRS is committed to addressing root causes of poverty regardless of race, religion or creed and ensures our values inform our approach to programs, operations and human resource management. CRS is always looking for dedicated professionals who are values led and results driven.