Project Support

Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

Washington, DC, US


United States of America
Climate Change Division (CSD/CCS)
Project Support Contractual – Defined Term Contractual (DTC).


Established in 1959, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is the main source of multilateral financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides loans, grants, guarantees, policy advice and technical assistance to the public and private sectors of its borrowing member countries

The IDB’s Climate Change Division’s (CCS) demand for support in private and public sector projects has grown steadily in recent years, particularly related to the operational and investment needs of the IDB Group (IDB and IIC) on mitigation and adaptation projects.

Moving forward, the Division will also be facing new demands related to the Paris COP21 Agreement and the fulfillment of IDB Group’s commitment to increase financing of climate-related projects in LAC to 30% of IDB and IIC approvals by December 2020. 

The creation of the new IDB’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector to which the CCS Division will report to, will also require additional work related to the development of a strategy and action plan for the IDB Group to tackle the Region’s environmental challenges.

The current project portfolio of CCS is financed with internal and external resources.  As an executing agency of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), the IDB is in responsible through the CCS Division of several programs in the region: (i) Investment Programs for Chile, Colombia and Mexico in the context of the Clean Technology Fund (CTF); (ii) the Pilot Project for Climate Resilience (PPCR) with a regional program in the Caribbean and a national program in Bolivia; and (iii) the Honduras-based Scale-up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) for low income countries. The CCS is the focal point for the coordination and structuring of the CIFs programs, CCS also leads operations throughout the region, some of which ones were financed through SECCI founds.

The Bank is also executing projects with other external from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Nordic Development Fund and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in order to strengthen the agenda Adaptation and Mitigation projects in the Region.

Consultancy objective(s)

The selected contractual is expected to contribute to the operational aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation activities of CCS, supporting the Bank’s goal of (i) mainstreaming climate change into private and public sector operations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and (ii) helping CCS lead operations in this topic.

Main activities

The selected candidate will:

  • Monitor the execution of IDB’s operations in close coordination with client’s institutions.
  • Provide technical guidance in preparing documents required for execution (eg., Procurement Plan)
  • Provide operational services in the overall execution of the projects, as required by each project component, following IDB’s policies and guidelines.
  • Guide, organize and coordinate activities with the executing agencies within the Technical Cooperation (TC) framework.
  • Monitor and update the projects report system. Coordinate updates of critical dates in Convergence and regional activity tracking systems.
  • Identify critical events that could impact on time delivery of products.
  • Prepare tables and reports to provide pertinent projects/activities information to ensure the timely and effective execution.
  • Work with the contractuals/staff in charge of information dissemination to make sure all the events, projects, publications and relevant information related to adaptation and mitigation to climate change are properly disseminated.
  • Assist project teams with preparation and formulation of climate change mitigation components of IDB operations with and without sovereign guarantee.
  • Assist the Division Chief as needed in the monitoring of the portfolio.
  • Be a liaison with country counterparts.
  • Academic Degree/ Level & Years of Professional Work Experience:  Master’s degree or equivalent and a minimum of five (5) years of relevant professional experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience in areas related to Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Finance or other relevant discipline. Knowledge of Bank-wide administrative and operational policies, processes and systems is desirable. Experience in multi-lateral development institutions in projects management related to the areas of climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energies, including activities with public investors and/or institutions in the financial sector. Experience in projects in LAC region is highly desirable. Working experience with multilateral institutions is required. Excellent knowledge of computer-based analytical tools (database management, spreadsheets, word processors, presentation, and procurement systems) and proven ability to process large volumes of non-aggregated data. The candidate should understand the business of the IDB, the roles and functions of different groups and how to get things done across the matrix.
  • Areas of expertise: Proven experience and demonstrated ability to execute bank operations (Technical Cooperation, Investment Grant and Loans). Ability to provide expert advice on IDB internal operational procedures and policies toward the preparation, execution and monitoring (reports) of IDB operations. Understands the broader context of the IDB project cycle. Uses project management tools and methodologies to ensure programs, projects and grants are delivered on time and within budget, with the most efficient and strategic use of resources. Project Management: Experience in projects management, including schedules, organization, negotiation with beneficiaries, documentation, and support outreach operations. Follow operations status reports and disbursement monitoring of transactions is highly desirable.
  • Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish – written and oral – is required.
  • Skills: (i) Analysis and problem solving: Systematically gathers and analyzes information. Understand problems and arrive at an optimal solution. Applies technical concepts, methodologies, tools and techniques to support technical analysis and generate basic solutions/proposal; (ii) Planning, Organizing & Executing: Prioritizes, develops, and follows through on plans to carry out goals and objectives; (iii) Communications: Ability to express facts and ideas clearly and in an organized manner with good writing and editing skills in English and Spanish.  Able to interact with people at all levels. Participates in unit’s operational activities by providing operational and administrative support to the Division Chief, project team leaders and project team members. Producing a variety of documents and reports using both standardized and specialized software and technical databases; (iv) Service Orientation: Ability to collaborate and cooperate effectively, to be flexible and willing to work extended hours, (v) Teamwork: Demonstrated ability to work within a team environment and to coordinate activities with both professional and administrative staff. As required, coordinates work with others within and beyond own unit to meet business objectives.
Characteristics of the Consultancy
  • Consultancy category and modality: Defined Term Contractual (DTC). Monthly.
  • Contract duration: 19 months.
  • Place(s) of work: IDB Headquarters. Washington DC, U.S.A.
  • Responsible person: Climate Change Spec, CSD/CCS, has the overall responsibility for the coordination.

Payment and Conditions: Compensation will be determined in accordance with Bank’s policies and procedures. The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may contribute toward travel and moving expenses. In addition, candidates must be citizens of an IDB member country.

Visa and Work Permit: The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may submit a visa request to the applicable immigration authorities; however, the granting of the visa is at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Notwithstanding, it is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the necessary visa or work permits required by the authorities of the country(ies) in which the services will be rendered to the Bank. If a candidate cannot obtain a visa or work permit to render services to the Bank the contractual offer will be rescinded
Consanguinity: Pursuant to applicable Bank policy, candidates with relatives (including the fourth degree of consanguinity and the second degree of affinity, including spouse) working for the Bank as staff members or Complementary Workforce contractuals, will not be eligible to provide services for the Bank.

Diversity: The Bank is committed to diversity and inclusion and to providing equal opportunities to all candidates. We embrace diversity on the basis of gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and HIV/AIDs status. We encourage women, Afro-descendants and persons of indigenous origins to apply.