Environmental and Social Development Specialist

Washington, DC, US


The World Bank Group (WBG or the Group) is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for development solutions. The WBG consists of five specialized institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

MIGA (or the Agency) was established in 1988 to enhance the flow of capital and knowledge to developing countries and executes its mandate by providing political risk insurance guarantees and credit enhancement products against non-commercial risks for cross-border equity investors and lenders in its 181 member countries. In addition to its traditional political risk guarantees, MIGA offers credit enhancement products that protect lenders against losses from the failure of a sovereign, sub-sovereign or State-Owned Enterprise to make a payment when due under an unconditional financial payment obligation or guarantee related to an eligible investment. For the fiscal year 2016, ended on June 30, MIGA issued $4.3 billion in guarantees, had a gross outstanding portfolio of $14.2 billion and approximately 120 staff.

MIGA is organized into several departments: Operations Department, the Economics and Sustainability Department (MIGES), the Legal Affairs and Claims Department, Finance and Risk Department, and Communications and External Relations unit – all which work together to extend insurance to developmentally sound cross-border investments made in member countries. MIGES consists of three areas of responsibility: the Economics Unit (MIGEC); the Environment, Social and Integrity Unit (MIGEI); and the Evaluations Unit.  

Sustainability is a strategic priority for MIGA. It underpins the WBG’s efforts to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity in a sustainable manner. MIGA, through the work of the Environment, Social and Integrity (MIGEI) unit, focuses on working with our clients and businesses to address environmental and social risks and impacts, climate change, integrity and reputational risk management and foster sustainable practices in all sectors we work with including, agribusiness, manufacturing, services, infrastructure, natural resources and financial markets. Core functions of the unit include the assessment of the environmental and social sustainability and integrity risk of projects where MIGA support is being considered, as well as the monitoring of compliance of projects with MIGA’s environmental and social policies and integrity strategy. The ESI unit collaborates with the other departments in MIGA to ensure the implementation of the Agency’s policies and procedures.

MIGEI is seeking to recruit an Environmental and Social Development Specialist with expertise in environmental and/or social assessment and risk management. The primary responsibility for the tasks are listed below. The position will be based at MIGA’s headquarters in Washington, DC

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background.  Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.  All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 4 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The Environmental and Social Development Specialist will be required to undertake the following tasks:

• In accordance to MIGA policies and procedures, assess the potential environmental and social (E&S) risks and/or impacts of assigned projects, where MIGA guarantee support is being considered, against the requirements of MIGA Performance Standards (PSs) on Environmental and Social Sustainability, and prepare a written summary of the project and potential environmental and social risks and impacts for public disclosure on MIGA’s website. The assigned projects may often present complex issues that require significant insight and sector experience to address.

• Define steps required to ensure compliance with the PSs and the World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines.

• Based on these assessments, work with potential MIGA clients to ensure plans are developed and steps taken to ensure that projects will comply with MIGA’s Policy on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Work with MIGA lawyers to ensure there will be appropriate language in MIGA’s contracts reflecting these commitments.

• Articulate (verbally and in writing) key environmental and social risks and impacts to MIGA’s Management Team.

• For assigned existing projects being supported by MIGA guarantees, monitor compliance with MIGA’s PSs, the WBG EHS guidelines, sector specific guidelines, other relevant policies, and contract specific conditions. When there are compliance issues, work with the investors to implement remedial measures or undertake other actions to resolve them.

• Provide training on E&S issues to MIGA clients, internal staff and other Specialists.

• Contribute to corporate knowledge base by analyzing and disseminating lessons learned and best practice from specific MIGA projects.

• Work together with the rest of MIGA’s Environmental and Social team and coordinate closely with MIGA’s Departments on assigned projects and corporate tasks.

• Represent MIGA at technical meetings, industry events and environmental and/or social fora.

• Collaborate with World Bank and IFC colleagues on joint projects as well as other colleagues from multilateral development institutions when supporting same projects.

• Assist in the further development and application of MIGA’s Environmental and Social policies and procedures.

Selection Criteria:


• Post-graduate degree (Masters required) in a relevant discipline including Environment, Social Science, Engineering, or equivalent professional qualification.

• Minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience in environment and/or social management and assessment directly related to private sector business activities.

• Track record in working with private sector firms across industry sectors to identify environmental and/or social risks and issues and develop mitigation measures to ensure compliance with good international industry practice.

• Strong analytical skills, ability to think strategically, analyze and synthesize diverse environmentally-related data and information.

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

• International experience required; experience in developing countries preferred. Ability to travel frequently to developing countries.

• Sound knowledge of World Bank and/or IFC/MIGA Environmental and Social policies or Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability or similar standards would be an advantage.

• Ability to work well with a range of stakeholders, including project-affected peoples, government officials, NGO’s / civil society, as well as project investors and their staff.

• Ability to communicate ideas clearly and confidently, articulate issues and recommend solutions.

• Excellent verbal and written English language skills are essential and French language is highly desirable. Knowledge of other languages will be advantageous.

• Good team player who can work as a member of a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team, motivate and lead group efforts and network effectively across boundaries.


Deliver Results for Clients

Effective WBG staff set high standards and challenging goals, and measure impact. They address the needs and challenges of internal and external clients, while also keeping the goal of reducing poverty and increasing prosperity as the ultimate objective. They hold themselves accountable and take personal ownership for identifying and managing risks and delivering evidence-based results that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable and have development impact. Achieves results and identifies mission-driven solutions for the client. Develops and implements solutions that show understanding of how clients and/or own work achieves results that are financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Shares new insights based on in-depth understanding of the client and recommends solutions for current and future needs of clients. Holds self and team accountable for risk management and outcomes.

Collaborate Within Teams and Across Boundaries

Effective WBG staff collaborate and work with others across and outside of the WBG in order to achieve the best results for clients. They cultivate and leverage their professional networks to this end. They are inclusive in gathering options and information, and align their behavior and priorities with the needs and goals of WBG. They maintain a WBG corporate mindset above an individual or team perspective. Initiates collaboration across boundaries and broadly across WBG, and brings differing ideas into the forefront. Collaborates across organizational boundaries, internally and externally. Consistently engages others in open dialog, brings out any conflicting viewpoints and incorporates viewpoints into solutions, giving credit where credit is due. Leverages expertise of all team members to ensure successful outcomes. Makes choices and sets priorities with a WBG corporate perspective in mind.  

Lead and Innovate

Effective WBG staff demonstrate personal leadership and commitment to the WBG’s values and mission. They take initiative, and are persistent in their drive for results.  They seek opportunities to improve and find innovative solutions, where appropriate, to problems. They inspire and encourage others to have a positive attitude and impact, are able to adapt to changing circumstances, and are willing to be bold to increase the Bank’s Group’s effectiveness. Develops innovative solutions with others. Encourages and works with others to discover, incubate and implement novel solutions. Identifies opportunities in changing circumstances and energizes others to continuously improve, using intentional strategies to boost morale, team spirit, and productivity in context of WBG’s values and mission. Helps others to understand problems, client needs, and the underlying context.

Create, Apply and Share Knowledge

Effective WBG staff rapidly and readily share their expertise; create and contribute to the WBG’s body of knowledge; and efficiently reflect and draw on lessons of past experience from colleagues, clients, partners and external sources to drive the WBG to achieve its goals. They expand their professional networks in their areas of expertise by forging linkages with others. They energize others to create, apply and share knowledge. They also seek opportunities to grow personal and institutional knowledge and invest in the growth of others through mentoring, as well as developing themselves through feedback and continuous learning. Creates, applies and shares knowledge from across and outside WBG to strengthen WBG client solutions. Ensures systematic sharing of good practice and learning from lessons from across WBG, clients, and partners. Is known across WBG in their subject area and is sought out by WBG colleagues to advise, peer review, or contribute to knowledge products of others. Seeks mentoring opportunities with more experienced staff to deepen or strengthen their professional knowledge and mentors junior staff. Builds networks across the WBG and as part of external professional groups/networks.

Makes Smart Decisions

Effective WBG staff balance the need for making empirically based sound decisions with a sense of urgency by making quick, timely, and relevant decisions. They display the inner confidence to take risks and make timely and effective decisions and show confidence in own judgment and actions. They are good problem solvers, collect evidence and research to support their actions, and are willing to make decisions and take smart risks that advance the goals of WBG. They ensure decisions are pushed to the right level and take ownership for being the decision-maker. Senior leaders drive alignment, and ensure information is shared to make realistic, sound decisions and recommendations. Trust and support is given to decision makers, regardless of level, with the assumption that the right decisions will be made. Recommends and takes decisive action. Applies critical thinking and seeks inputs and experience from others to recommend a course of action consistent with the WBG’s strategy. Evaluates risk and anticipates the short and long term implications of decisions. Commits to a decision and takes action once a decision has been reached.

MIGEI COMPETENCIES FOR Environmental and Social Development Specialist (GF LEVEL)


Able to write and/or present in a fluent, business-like manner with minimal supervision. Able to synthesize (both verbally and in writing) complex issues and clearly summarize key points and questions. Understands the need to tailor communication to the audience and can prepare effective supporting documents to facilitate his/her oral presentation on straightforward subject matter. Creates an environment where respect, tact, and consideration for all cultures are used in all communication.

Mentoring and Developing People

Builds informal mentoring network within own immediate work unit, and proactively provides mentoring and coaching to others within team or in other departments. Assists with onboarding of new MIGA staff (including any specific onboarding programs). Contributes to training exercises. Manages behavior to have a positive impact on others.

Due Diligence

Demonstrates understanding of MIGA’s Sustainability Framework and applies the Framework to identify and address environmental and social issues and risks. Works independently to undertake environmental and social due diligence and provides input to the project team on environmental and social issues/risks with minimal supervision. Proactively determines risk mitigation measures. Proposes appropriate environmental and social legal conditions for guarantee contracts. Demonstrates effective time and resource management skills. Provides effective and timely guidance to clients on environmental and social issues/risks, and actively participates in discussions with clients on environmental and social matters.

Portfolio Monitoring

Works independently requiring minimal supervision to proactively monitor the environmental and social performance of assigned projects. Anticipates potential issues and formulates corrective plans for identified environmental and social problems. Engages effectively with clients to achieve compliance, and contributes to discussions on environmental and social matters.

Policy, Procedures and Knowledge Management Tools