Water Programs Officer

charity: water

New York, NY, US

As Water Programs Officer, you’ll oversee a portfolio of programs around the world. You’ll work with a small and hardworking team to make sure that charity: water’s funds are invested in the most relevant and effective water, sanitation & hygiene programs out there.  You’ll help extensively vet proposals before agreeing to grants and you’ll develop close relationships with our local partners and make sure that the program objectives are met. You’ll help build new systems that make our partnerships models of efficiency and transparency and position our programs to achieve maximum impact today and over time.


  • You’ll supervise a portfolio of $5-7M of investments in WASH programs.
  • You’ll manage, coordinate and lead our partner organizations and stay informed of their progress against program objectives.
  • You’ll regularly identify opportunities for strengthening critical technical and operational areas relating to the implementation of charity: water’s funds. Including technical quality, coordination with and reliance on local institutions and organizational efficiency.
  • You’ll visit the field to supervise work on the ground and then agree on action plans and next steps with partners. 25-30% travel expected.
  • You’ll work collaboratively with each charity: water department (finance, compliance, programs, growth, creative, reporting, technology, etc.) to make sure their involvement in our water programs is maximized and efficient.
  • You’ll work closely with the Director of Programs to plan for future commitments to partners.
  • You’ll develop innovative ways to provide our beneficiaries with sustainable sources of clean drinking water, improve our partners’ understanding of our requirements, capture stories from the field, gather information on program status, and plan for program expansion.
  • You will help grow and manage a post implementation support system to ensure sustainability of our water points.
  • You will carefully project manage the timelines and relationships to ensure all objectives and milestones are carried out on time.


  • 5 years experience managing projects in the developing world.
  • Experience working on water and sanitation programs.
  • U.S. work permit.


You are a leader.
You are skilled at accomplishing things through other people. You can run multiple work streams that extend far beyond your immediate team. You can provide leadership for peers, subordinates and partners.

You have a proven track record of experience, where it matters.
You have more than five years of direct experience in project management in the developing world. The water and sanitation sector is nothing new to you.

You stay on top of it all.
You have excellent communication skills, both while speaking and in writing. You have professional candor and you’re great at resolving problems quickly and effectively.

You like to tell a good story.
This is interesting work in interesting parts of the world, and you want to let all charity: water supporters know about it.

You work well with people… no matter how many oceans stand between you.
You have experience working across cultures. You’re attuned to the inherent hurdles that exist in working across the world to build a program.

You’re an avid team player.
You’re confident in your skills and not afraid to speak your mind, but you know how to put the team first.


This opportunity is for those located in (or willing to re-locate to) the NYC area only.