Water Catchment Management Planning Specialist

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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Overview :

The key role of the Water Catchment Management Planning Specialist will be to identify interventions that will contribute to the management of water catchment in the upland areas linking to coastal areas at village and area council level to enhance their resilience. These interventions will assist in the development of an Upland Management CCA (UMCCA) Plan for key sites which will focus on addressing aspects of coastal and watershed management.

The development of the UMCCA Plan will involve a comprehensive baseline survey on how threats and issues of terrestrial upland (from agriculture and forestry) is affecting freshwater and coastal ecosystems and what management approaches can be identified to address them. It is also expected that the UMCCA Plan will outline comprehensive extension and outreach program for communities (including men, women and youth) on proper management of water supply sources.

The consultant working with key government lead through this work will be expected to contribute in the development of the UMCCA Plan. The plan should articulate specific plans for managing water resources and creating terrestrial conservation areas in sites where this is required. The plan should also identify interventions that will support the provision of secure clean water to communities through catchment management. It should also focus on how to proper manage upland soil erosion and maximizing coastal protection. The plan should also identify training needs for the target communities to improve knowledge regarding sustainable water catchment management and where necessary identify intervention activities support access to clean water and management of linked catchment systems from upland to the coastal ecosystem. 

Specific to this work, the consultant will conduct work that will be guided by the following outcome and output of the VCAP project document (which will be provided upon request):

Outcome 1.2: Improved climate resilience of coastal areas through integrated approaches

Output 1.2.2: Coastal areas stabilized through re-vegetation and other ‘soft’ approaches to complement ‘hard’ measures

The outcome of this work should contribute to the decision making process of developing the Upland Management CCA Plan that will be implemented and managed by responsible communities through the support of key government stakeholders.

This consultancy work will be conducted as team approach with each consultant reporting specifically on his/ her delivery. The interventions for catchment management must link to the other connecting ecosystems (upland and coastal) and the Community Climate Change Adaptation Development Strategy (C3ADS).