Kenya nationals: Water and Sanitation Advisor via Devex

Sheladia Associates

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Sheladia Associates, Inc., a US engineering firm, is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as Water and Sanitation Advisor on the KIWASH Project. Candidates must have Kenyan citizenship. This is a full-time position for a period of up to 3 and ½ years. Position to start in April 2017.

The requirments for this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Design, develop and implement strategies and project work plans to increase WASH coverage in the project counties;
  • Develop and implement construction plans for infrastructure investments and ensure that the KIWASH Construction Plan is fully complied with;
  • Provide technical leadership to ensure that all construction design documents produced are of high quality and within the context of the project scope, schedule and budget;
  • Advice on, and manage, WASH and Multiple Use water Systems (MUS) infrastructure activities in the project counties;
  • Assist with the selection of Kenyan engineering staff and manage the technical inputs and outputs of all assigned staff, consultants, engineers, subcontractors, and project partners;
  • Provide training to national project staff, community members and government staff;
  • Ensure timely completion of infrastructure activities by providing quality assurance and quality control for the design and construction of small to medium scale WASH infrastructure and MUS which are to be in compliance with USAID and Government of Kenya environmental and construction codes, reporting, and management requirements and DAI policies
  • Provide overall technical and management leadership to KIWASH and ensure the achievement of program objectives and expected result and assist with the monitoring and evaluation of the Project per the requirements of the Activity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan;
  • Liaise and coordinate with County-based Government water/sanitation, education and health staff, Water Service Providers (WSP’s, i.e. County Government owned water and sewerage companies), and beneficiary communities;
  • Assist with the production of RFPs, RFQs, or BOQs, and provide input on specifications, cost estimates, deliverables, and evaluation criteria; and provide inputs on WASH infrastructure and MUS’s for site selection, surveys and designs;
  • Participate in bid evaluation committees to select qualified construction firms (sub-contractors) or vendors for equipment and materials;
  • Prepare reports, manuals, guidelines and other publications as required;
  • Other project duties as assigned by the Chief of Party.

Minimum Requirments:

  • University degree in Civil Engineering, or related technical field, at Master’s level
  • At least 10 years of water and sanitation sector expertise related to current Kenyan private sector and local government context.
  • At least 5 years in a technical managerial role.
  • Proven experience in undertaking activities aimed at capacity building of private and public sector actors to effectively manage water supply/sanitation services, carry out system operation and maintenance, improve technical, financial and management performance, and extend service coverage.
  • Experience in working on urban water supply systems; community-based water supply and sanitation program implementation and operation is essential;
  • Strong communication skills, both interpersonal and written, to fulfill the technical and managerial responsibilities proposed.
  • Knowledge and experience working on Kenyan water supply and sanitation issues in a devolved setting;
  • Familiarity with USAID environmental and construction codes, reporting and management requirements preferred;
  • Strong English writing and speaking skills.

About the Organization

SHELADIA Associates, Inc. is an award –winning, multi-disciplinary A&E firm with a reputation for excellence in Structures and Facilities, Transportation Infrastructure, Energy, Rural Development, and Water Resources & Sanitation. We provide technical assistance and architectural & engineering services in numerous sectors, including agriculture; architecture; energy; irrigation and water resources; transportation; and water supply, health and education for government agencies, communities, and other stakeholders. We also offer assistance in procurement and sector-wide monitoring & evaluation. Services provided include construction management, architectural and engineering design, planning, feasibility studies, procurement assistance, specifications development, drafting of terms of reference, tendering assistance, contract management, institutional strengthening, training, and capacity building.

SHELADIA has worked in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, successfully implementing projects for US Government Agencies such as USAID, multi-lateral agencies (World Bank, ADB, African Development Bank), host governments, and private sector clients. We are dedicated to crosscutting areas of procurement, monitoring and evaluation, private sector participation, and social development, which have also been a key element of many of our projects in all sectors.