Summer Internships (including one specific to water)


Boston, MA, US

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Ceres is working with companies, investors, water providers, policymakers, environmental organizations and other stakeholders to improve water management and increase reporting on water issues that pose risks to businesses, communities and the environment.

The Water Program is seeking a graduate student to help us advance our work on analyzing and addressing water risks related to the food and beverage sector, water utility sectors and investment community. While providing some administrative support, this research assistant will primarily work in the following areas using skills ranging from research, quantitative analysis and writing (short memos, case studies, etc.):

  • Analyzing corporate water use and disclosure in the Food and Beverage sector to help support projects and research associated with the rollout of Feeding Ourselves Thirsty 2.0
  • Assisting in the rollout of a water-risk integration tool for the mainstream global investment community — building off the research of Ceres’ Investor Water Handbook —  by researching water materiality news, pulling corporate and investor data from the Bloomberg Terminal, and gathering information from recently-launched reports on investor work in ESG, among other tasks.
  • Conducting research on water utility decision-making frameworks across various regions in the U.S. Key topics including:
  • Resiliency and affordability of rate structures with a focus on how to address social equity issues at the local level;
  • Business and environmental sustainability efforts such as water conservation, reuse and implementation of distributed infrastructure;
  • Trends in municipal (green) bonds and other innovative instruments for financing sustainable public water systems

For more information, see Ceres’ Water Program: