Analyst (Green Growth Data)

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

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Under the supervision of the UAE Country Representative, the Green Growth Data Analyst will perform various quantitative analyses to measure, estimate and assess impacts of various green growth policy options to mitigate and build resilience against climate change and environmental degradations, accelerate economic diversification, and improve social inclusion. The post holder will be assigned to various analytic tasks that involve data collection, mining, econometric and quantitate modelling, results verification and reporting as critical inputs for specific sector policy development in the areas of GHG emissions inventory and climate change mitigation policies, water and energy conservation & efficiency improvement, green transport and city, food security and sustainable tourism to name a few.  The post holder, in a teamwork with the UAE office members, will contribute to various policy design and development for the implementation of the UAE National Green Growth Strategy, the Green Agenda 2015-2030, the National Climate Change Plan and other overarching policy and institutional framework.


Perform a range of quantitative and econometric analyses to directly inform public policy design and implementation; Develop analytic result reports as key inputs for policy proposals: the assigned tasks will involve data mining and data repository development, GHG data analyses, energy modelling, cost-benefit analyses, and other quantitative public policy analyses, results write-ups, and infographic and presentation designs.

  • Identify key analytic steps and methodologies for policy projects;
  • Perform data mining, data file updates and repository building by extracting the latest socio, economic and environment data points from the existing UAE climate change, green growth and other environment strategies, policy documents, targets, database and inventories;
  • Perform quantitative analyses to estimate various policy interventions and their composite scenarios reflecting policy issues at hand (e.g. GHG emissions control in transportation sector);
  • Draw out policy implications in terms of cost-benefits, GHG emissions, and resource efficiencies from various quantitative analyses;
  • Perform sensitivity check on key underlying assumptions and result verification;
  • Develop analytic reports with adequate infographics and visual evidences.


Proactively work with other project team members from GGGI and counterpart government agencies in the UAE, ensuring data and inputs for his/her analyses are the best available, and sources are verified under the constraints; his/her analytic findings are not committing errors, feasible and reflecting realities

  • Support the Country Representative and the project team in defining required analytic steps and methodologies for policy projects
  • Coordinate working groups for data inputs, workshops and technical sessions involving relevant GGGI experts and country stakeholders.
  • Perform analytic tasks as in the agreed project plans, ensuring high quality of policy advisory and technical analyses developed by GGGI
  • Support the packaging of high-quality policy proposals by luculently reflecting analytic results
  • Support establishing and managing online data and analytic repository in the UAE’s office knowledge sharing platform called the Green Growth MENA Network(GGGI).


The position understands the public policy development process, and is able to organize his/her analytical work to ensure that deliverables are provided in a timely manner to support subsequent work and consistent with the policy project cycle including stakeholder inputs and validations, counterpart Ministries and agencies clearance and approvals.
The position is able to present his/her analytic findings with concise and to-the-point result reports and high quality infographics and other visual aids to help policy makers’ decisions.



  • All applicants must hold relevant academic credentials as well as professional experience;
  • Advanced degree in econometrics, statistics, finance, public policy, and/or energy system and engineering and other related fields;
  • Minimum 3-5 years of relevant experience in one of the following areas: GHG inventory estimation and analyses, National Communications and other climate related international reporting, econometrics, climate mitigation and environment policies, energy modelling and planning, environment impact assessment and others.


  • Excellent and proven capability in statistical and mathematical modelling, cost-benefit analyses, and policy impact assessment and feasibility studies;
  • Dexterity in quantitative softwares and designing infographics;
  • Dexterity in excel based database management;
  • Knowledge and experience in climate and green growth technology and policies (ex. GHG emissions analyses, efficiency measures, clean energy, water and agriculture)


  • Track record of result-based performance in complex, dynamic, and highly pressing work environment. Demonstrated ability in strategic thinking and creativity in problem solving will be a plus;
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse colleagues in multi-cultural setting;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English. Arabic will be a plus