UNDP-GEF PPG: “Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Dniester River Basin”

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

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The GEF is funding the Project Preparatory Grant (PPG) phase for the Medium Size Project (MSP) “Enabling transboundary cooperation and integrated water resources management in the Dniester River Basin”.

The project will contribute towards the joint management of the water resources of the Dniester River basin. The project builds on the on-going cooperation of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine based on the bilateral agreements (1994 and 2012) and the UNECE / OSCE / ENVSEC support since 2006.

The project includes three inter-related and mutually supportive components:

  1. In-depth analysis of the water resources, related ecosystems and their use.
  2. Development of the policy, legal and institutional set-up, mandate and capacities of the River Basin Commission for strengthened basin-level cooperation.
  3. Strengthening of water resources and biodiversity monitoring and conservation, and information exchange in the Dniester River Basin.

The PPG phase runs for a period less than a year to develop necessary background information, identify partners among the key national and international actors in the area, secure co-financing and develop the MSP Project Document. PPG funding, in combination with agency co-financing contributions will support the design of the proposed full-size project. The following activities will be undertaken during the PPG phase: 

Development of the full-fledged GEF submission package:

  • strategic documents and accompanying analysis,
  • input from national consultants to support he preparation of a project document for the MSP,
  • development of the project annual work plan & budget, with defined roles and responsibilities (with accompanying terms of reference) as well as the project document for the project implementing agency,
  • stakeholder consultations with all key partners to get input for the project document and to validate that the project design meets the priority needs of the Dniester Basins Riparian and stakeholders.


Duties and Responsibilities

The objectives of the Team Leader is to lead and facilitate the process of development of the documentation for the project “Enabling transboundary cooperation and integrated water resources management in the Dniester River basin” in standard GEF and UNDP templates (UNDP Project Document and GEF CEO Endorsement Request) for the Medium-Size Project (MSP).


Under the overall guidance of the UNDP/GEF Regional Technical Advisor and UNDP Moldova’s Energy and Environment Cluster Lead, direct supervision of an International PPG Consultant, and in close coordination with the UNECE Regional Adviser on Environment and UNDP Ukraine and Moldova, other national experts and the national partners in both countries the Team Leader will perform the following:


1.       Draft a work plan detailing practical steps to develop the project proposal.

2.      Based on the national consultants’ input, develop an  inventory of available materials to be analysed  during the development of the GEF submission package (UNDP project document, CEO Endorsement, GEF BD Tracking Tool)

3.       Ensure the development and tinely submission of the GEF submission package: coordinate the team of consultants during the project preparation process, working closely with both UNDP offices (in Moldova and Ukraine) and UNDP regional hub in Istabul and  with beneficiaries and key stakeholders from both countries  

4.      Guide the work of national consultants and their contributions, and oversee compliance with the agreed work plan and deliverables.

5.       List and describe key stakeholders involved into the project, including private sector, civil society, and local communities, and their respective roles in the project.

6.      Assist in organization of the two national stakeholder workshops (tentatively Chisinau in July 2016 and Kyiv in October 2016, e.g. communicating with potential participants, drafting agenda, list of participants, reports).

7.       Develop a risk analysis table and an outline of a risk mitigation strategy for the project to be reviewed by the International Expert.

8.      Compile the deliverables of the National Consultants into the project documentation as per standard GEF and UNDP templates (UNDP Project Document and GEF CEO Endorsement Request).

9.      Support the International Expert in development of the M & E plan, budget, Logical Framework, stakeholder involvement plan, a costing table for all expected project outcomes and outputs.

10.   Other tasks related to implementation of the GEF PPG.


  • Good analytical, coordination, writing, presentation and communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team.
  • Capacity to submit high quality deliverables under time constraints.


Required Skills and Experience

Academic Qualification:

  • Higher education in the field of natural sciences. (PhD)


  • 10 years of work experience in the field of environmental policy and management
  • Experience on transboundary water cooperation and with EU Water Framework Directive; relevant experience in the Dniester River basin is an asset.
  • Experience in working with international organizations and projects
  • Experience in project development and project management including stakeholder liaison and partnership building

Language requirements:

  • Fluency in English and Russian

Aditional Information

  • A retired government official is not considered in this case a government official, and as such, may be contracted.The detailed Terms of Reference and procurement Notice can be found at  http://www.undp.md/jobs/current_jobs