Rapid PHE Team Leader Recruitment

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Are you an experienced and enthusiastic WASH engineer?

Could you enable Oxfam to respond quickly to the public health engineering requirements of an emergency in a refugee/IDP context, and / or in an urban context?

We are looking for a person to manage the water and sanitation engineering team and to lead rapid needs assessments, as well as the selection, design and implementation of the most appropriate WASH infrastructure in a camp setting, and in urban conflict areas (e.g. supporting, and working with urban WASH municipalities / authorities).

We are looking for active engineers across a range of countries ranging from Uganda, to Iraq, to Yemen and Nigeria

The Role

 To manage, coordinate and lead in the implementation of Oxfam’s Public Health Engineering programme ensuring integration with all sectors of programme areas including community participation and consultations in an emergency programme. The work may involve, an immediate emergency stage, camps, and urban conflict areas. The assessment of the situation and in later stages the implementation of public health measures required to alleviate the plight of the people affected by the emergency.

Please note that this recruitment is currently for

SHORT TERM positions only