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Eurasian Resources Group

Congo - Kinshasa

As hydrologists you need to be involved in the monitoring, protection and analysis of water and water resources.

The work contributes to the efficient planning, development and sustainable use of natural and domestic water

resources, ensuring water is supplied and analysed in the most cost-effective manner. 

·      Provide technical expertise to identify, manage and report all water and water resources related risks and develop risk mitigation strategies

·      Maintain groundwater and surface water management plans including updating of the water balance

·      Conduct hydrologic and hydrogeological analyses using specifically-designed computer modelling software

·      Develop and implement groundwater and surface water monitoring programs, including the implementations of the relevant regulations

·      Establish and provide relevant information for the water licence application

·      Supervise and / or undertake field work and site inspections

·      Process, analyse and evaluation of data

·      Preparation of clear and concise technical reports

·      Liaison between project planning, operational and other departments on site to deliver designs that are innovative, environmentally sensitive and practical

·      Provide support to the Environment Superintendent and SHEQ Manager

·      Support management of all aspects of internally and externally required environmental monitoring and reporting. This includes monitoring and reporting against compliance criteria

·      Maintain adherence to scientific methods and keep up to date with new research and techniques

·      work with specifically-designed computer modelling packages to assess the most effective methods

·      analyse the effect of environmental changes on water flow and levels

·      establish the effects on flows brought about by changes in land use, such as afforestation or crop irrigation

·      assist and ensure updates of the waterbalance and groundwater modelling

·      undertake hydrological modelling to allow the development of forecasting and strategy

·      assist in the planning of water resource development by forecasting and monitoring water usage and rainfall

·      estimate water yields, taking into account the utilisation of water in the natural drainage area (catchment)

·      assess the relationship between rainfall, run off, and soil and rock features for the area

·      investigate factors affecting acidity, nitrate levels or other diffuse pollution of surface water

·      calculate and audit water resource system and analyse this data

·      establish and provide relevant information for the water license applications

·      implement relevant regulations

·      Installing and maintain all water monitoring equipment including flow gauges

·      oversee data collection on-site and adhere to the statutory monitoring program

·      supervise the collection, processing and evaluation of data

·      apply hydrological and statistical techniques to water resource modelling and analysis

·      develop computer systems to improve the efficiency of data collection and analysis

·      keep up to date with new research and techniques in all areas of hydrology.


·      5 years minimum hands hydrological experience working in operational mining environments and large metallurgical-industrial processing and tailings storage facilities.

·      Good people management skills.

·      Extensive experience demonstrated in establishing and implementing and maintaining complex hydrological systems, programs and databases.

·      Extensive experience water monitoring, reporting and record keeping.

Advanced knowledge in water management (e.g. Groundwater, surface water, drinking water, water supply, etc.)

·      Experience working in isolated locations within Africa or developing countries necessary.

·      English/French speaking capability and previous deployments in DRC an advantage.

Exposure to diverse multi-cultural settings preferred.

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