International Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) places high-quality knowledge generation and dissemination at the 
centre of lending operations and technical assistance. Knowledge management can leverage ADB’s role as a 
knowledge bank, while promoting strategic partnerships, private sector engagement and cooperation with 
ADB developing member countries (DMCs). The Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Division 
(EAER) of ADB’s East Asia Regional Department (EARD) also has a strong focus on climate change within 
its client countries, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Mongolia and has developed a knowledge 
and communication plan to leverage its core programs.
ADB and the PRC have been working in partnership for knowledge generation, applied research, 
institutional policy reforms, integrated programs and innovative green financing tools for sustainable 
development. ADB and the PRC together support South–South knowledge cooperation through the Regional 
Knowledge Sharing Initiative (RKSI), established in 2012. Geographically, ADB is supporting the PRC 
government’s programmatic approach in the Yellow and Yangtze River basins through the Yangtze River 
Economic Belt (YREB) and the Yellow River Ecological Corridor (YREC) initiatives. ADB is also supporting 
the PRC’s country-wide thematic Rural Vitalization Strategy. Sharing project experiences from the PRC 
with ADB’s DMCs is a high priority for EARD and ADB more broadly. This endeavour is closely aligned with 
the ADB-PRC Country Partnership Strategy (2021–2025), where (i) environmentally sustainable development 
and (ii) climate change adaptation and mitigation are two of the three pillars. Knowledge is identified 
as a centrepiece of the PRC Country Strategic Partnership (CPS) implementation to realize the 14th Five-
Year Plan, in close alignment with EAER priorities. 

Mongolia has set out a broad-base framework towards a more inclusive and sustainable development path, 
with the Government Action Plan (GAP) 2016–2020. ADB has been supporting the Mongolian government with 
three strategic pillars under the country’s CPS in 2017–2020: (i) promoting economic and social 
stability; (ii) developing infrastructure for economic diversification; (iii) strengthening 
environmental sustainability. ADB is currently supporting the government in preparing the new CPS (2021–
2024), which currently has resilience for sustainable and green development as a strategic one of three 
strategic priorities and will have a strong focus on laying the foundations for inclusive and 
sustainable growth beyond the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Scope of Work
The objective of this assignment is to integrate, systematize, and streamline knowledge management 
across EAER operations, by strategically communicating goals, milestones and results, and capturing key 
lessons learned from EAER programs and initiatives. The specialist is expected to provide strategic 
guidance to advance EAER’s knowledge program in alignment with the overarching EARD knowledge management 
and communications strategy. His/her support includes leveraging the strategic importance of the 
flagship YREB and the YREC programs and preparatory thematic activities leading up to the Fifteenth 
Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (October 2021, Kunming, 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The specialist will undertake the following tasks under the supervision of ADB EAER International Staff 
member. The specialist will work closely with ADB teams, and the national knowledge management and 
communication specialist, to achieve these tasks.

1. Work with EAER to develop a three-year strategic knowledge management plan based on EAER’s forward 
workplan priorities aligned with EARD’s overall knowledge cooperation action plan. While this may not 
include specific operational and thematic outputs, the plan should include a strategic approach for 
consolidating key knowledge elements distilled from all EAER programs (lending and non-lending support). 
The plan should also specify how it generates, disseminates and leverages knowledge including 
identification of client needs, key counterparts/users and strategic partnerships to scale up overall 
impact and contribution from EARD products and participation in COP15. 

2. Finalize preparation of two programmatic documents, in a policy brief format: (i) the Thematic 
Programmatic Approach for Support of Yangtze River Economic Belt Development in the People’s Republic of 
China and (ii) a knowledge product on the YREC approach (based on the lessons distilled from the YREB 
program) to be published before COP15 2021. Technical writing inputs may be required for other ADB 

3. Provide strategic direction and technical inputs to support ADB preparation for, and participation 
in, COP15 2021, focusing on planned ADB participation in two COP15 major forums (for which ADB will lead 
selected panels and topics) and one side event (which will be planned and led by ADB) by providing 
technical inputs, coordinating with the ADB COP15 working group and other stakeholders (including other 
development partner organizations), and reviewing ADB technical materials and knowledge products on the 
YREB and YREC to ensure alignment with EARD knowledge management and communication strategies to be 
published for presentation at COP15. 

4. Coordinate with the EAOD Knowledge Team on quality control screening of EAER KPs including developing 
a practical checklist for project officers to follow before publishing.

5. Coordinate with the Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative (RKSI) team on:
- Identifying strategic opportunities (events, written and multimedia products) to share the PRC’s 
experience in high-quality green development with other ADB Developing Member Countries and knowledge 
- Developing media campaigns for communications and knowledge dissemination activities to leverage 
social media and other knowledge sharing platforms to maximize visibility and impact of EAER work, and 
- Building social media identity (i.e. on LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat) to leverage outreach activities, in 
close coordination with the national consultant. 
f. Provide thematic and technical inputs as needed to support the EAER knowledge team.


The specialist will work under the overall supervision of ADB International Staff member. He or she is 
expected to deliver the following deliverables:
1. A three-year strategic knowledge management plan for EAER in alignment with the 2021-2023 CPS Roadmap 
to be submitted by 30 July 2021.
2. Checklist for KP quality control screening developed and submitted by 30 July 2021. 
3. Two publications: (i) the Thematic Programmatic Approach for Support of Yangtze River Economic Belt 
Development in the People’s Republic of China and (ii) the Yellow River Ecological Corridor (YREC) 
knowledge product prepared by 31 August 2021.
4. ADB materials for presentation at COP15 events reviewed and edited and confirmed to be consistent 
with ADB/EAER strategic knowledge management plan and key ADB messages for COP15 by 20 September 2021. 
5. Coordinate with RKSI team to identify avenues for dissemination and tracking through social media 
platforms (number of views, users’ traffic, etc.) increased.
6. A final report, summarizing the work done, key deliverables achieved, challenges, lessons learned, 
and recommendations for next steps building on the momentum of EARD participation in COP15, to achieve 
EAER’s strategic knowledge management and communications outcomes, by 30 November 2021.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The specialist should have the following qualifications and skills:
a. Postgraduate university degree in international relations, development studies, environmental issues 
or related disciplines.
b. Minimum 7 years of relevant professional experience in knowledge management, with a broad but strong 
non-technical knowledge and awareness of the environment, natural resources management, rural 
development and related fields. 
c. Knowledge management experience in cooperation with MDBs, ADB and/or other similar international 
organizations is an advantage. Regional working experience in Asian countries is preferred. 
d. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
e. Proven effective client management with the ability to work productively with ADB staff and wider 
project stakeholders. Proven experience in working and communicating through a range of digital media to 
maximize the work outcomes; especially as much of the work is anticipated to be through digital media 
given travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
f. Proficient use of general IT programs (MS Office) and platforms (Zoom, etc.). Experience in 
web/graphic design (i.e. Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, photo & video editing) is highly desirable. 
Excellent skills for social media management (including experience with Google analytics, SEO, 
WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter posts).
Minimum General Experience
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)