Eswatini nationals: WASH Coordinator Livelihoods

World Vision (WV)

Manzini, , SZ

Purpose of the position:

The main purpose for this position is to provide technical support to Area Programmes and grant funded projects implementing integrated WASH and Livelihoods activities. The role in collaboration with field staff implement all activities under the Livelihoods Program that relate to development and maintenance of irrigation infrastructure for improved agricultural production towards meeting food security and commercial production goals. The position in collaboration with the Technical Programme Manager will also be responsible for agriculture value chain development and market linkages for producer groups supported with water resources infrastructure. The coordinator will link with relevant stakeholders for all integrated water resources and livelihoods development activities.


  • In conjunction with the Development Facilitators, Cluster Managers and with Technical Support from the Technical Manager, develop operational plans showing clearly what activities would be implemented, those responsible, resource (budget) and time allocation.

  • Conduct partner mapping and/or validation profiling their technical capabilities to implement the integrated WASH and Livelihoods activities.

2. Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Reporting

  • Liaise with the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (D,M&E) Coordinator, in developing a monitoring plan clearly showing relevant indicators, data sources for the indicators, tools for data collection, frequency of data collection, use of the information generated from monitoring and clear feedback loop to the Cluster Managers, Development facilitators and the Technical Manager.

  • Conduct periodic monitoring in the Area Programs and prepare monitoring report. Based on the report facilitate dissemination to key stakeholders and support in the follow through of the specific actions as generated from the dissemination or the monitoring report recommendations. · Support the evaluation of integrated Livelihoods and WASH programmes.

  • Disseminate the results of the evaluation to key stakeholders and follow through on the arising action plan/s.

  • Identify, document and disseminate evaluation findings and promising practices with stakeholders for learnings, scale-up and replication of interventions. · Compile and submit monitoring/management reports (monthly, quarterly or annually) to the Technical Manager and Cluster Manager.

3. Technical Support

  • Responsible for providing technical advice to farmers and Area Programmes on the appropriate waters sources for irrigation for climate smart interventions and commercial production

  • Lead the design of irrigation systems/water systems for crop, vegetable and small livestock production. · Lead the implementation of integrated WASH and Livelihoods Program in APs and grants in collaboration with the TP Managers and programmes staff.

  • In collaboration with TP manager, propose and implement capacity building activities aimed at enhancing skills of local staff and/or partners in delivery of livelihoods activities.

  • With the approval of the Technical Managers facilitate learning through training curriculum, exchange visit guides etc.

  • Lead the deployment of roll out of new initiatives s to the target group within the prescribed minimum quality standards and monitor delivery/deployment of these products to test adoption/uptake and review the products as necessary.

  • Facilitate local value chain development and market linkages for commercial agriculture production for producer groups catalyzed with improved water resources. 40 4. Networking and Partnership Management

  • Responsible for brokering zonal level partnerships with CBOs and Churches that leverage WVE’s technical capacity. Thereafter, initiate mutual contractual agreements and manage the resultant partnership objectively.

  • Participate in Cluster or AP level technical networks with a view to profile the operations of WVE in Livelihoods in general.

  • Identify advocacy opportunities and engage with the Advocacy resource person to develop tailored advocacy products at regional and national level or escalate those that need national intervention. Coaching and mentoring

Other Competencies/Attributes:

· Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.

· Demonstrated technical and managerial ability, sound judgment, and ability to work effectively with others at all levels;

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, e.g., Government offices at different levels, partners, other NGOs and networks;

· Firm belief in team work, gender equality, participatory approach and sustainable development;

· Proficiency in the use of computers (MS word, Excel, Power Point, e-mail, Internet);

· Good written and spoken English language; (Speaking the local language is an advantage);

· Good interpersonal and communication skills; · Good community mobilization and facilitation skills;

· Firm belief in teamwork, equity and inclusiveness, gender equality, sensitivity, participatory;

· Ability to adapt to the local environment and understand and respect community values;

· Familiar with the Livelihoods Strategic Approaches and Programming Models.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

· Minimum Qualification and experience required: Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture

  • Minimum 2 years proven experience in design, installation and management of irrigation systems for field crops and vegetable production.

· A minimum of 2 years demonstrated skills and professional experience in Livelihoods or Wash related program implementation and management.

· Experience in implementation of integrated WASH and livelihoods projects in communities.

· Experience in working with various major donors and government donor agencies

· Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible worldview emotional maturity

· Commitment and ability to inspire others to World Vision Core Values, Vision and Mission Statement.