Consultancy opportunity: sub-national WASH systems in West and Central Africa

The Sanitation Learning Hub

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The Sanitation Learning Hub (SLH) is looking for a bilingual consultant (French / English) to support us in leading and facilitating a new learning initiative in West and Central Africa.

SLH works with sub-national governments and development partners in different regions to explore, document experiences on, and contribute to the growing debate about how sub-national governments can be supported to drive progress towards area-wide sanitation coverage. This SLH Learning Brief documents the recent work we have done with East African countries on this issue.

The SLH is now launching a similar initiative in West and Central Africa. We will collaborate with four sub-national governments and development partners who have achieved significant improvements in sanitation and hygiene in recent years, from both francophone and anglophone countries in West and Central Africa. We recently commissioned a rapid review in West Africa to identify local governments with strong leadership in sanitation and hygiene to kickstart this process. This initiative aims to generate: four sub-national case studies to be documented as workshop presentations; a Learning Brief to summarise case studies, workshop discussions and recommendations; and a webinar to present the discussions to a wider audience.

The SLH is looking for a bilingual consultant (French / English) to support us in leading and facilitating this learning initiative. We expect the consultant to be the central convenor throughout the process, in close collaboration with SLH. The consultant will help analysis, communication, facilitation and organisation, by coordinating with SLH, with development partners and with local governments.

We also expect the consultant to provide active guidance for partners to develop well thought-through case studies, as well as critical thinking to support SLH to create a smooth and effective process. The consultant will play a central planning and facilitating role in the workshops and the webinar, and will write the Learning Brief for review by SLH.

Download the full Terms of Reference to find out more about expectations of the consultant (PDF).

How to apply

We warmly welcome applications for this assignment. Please send the following information to [email protected] by 5pm UK time on 13/06/2021:

  • A cover letter and CV, detailing the applicant’s relevant experience, background and fit (4 pages max across both documents);
  • A concise proposal, detailing how you would carry out the assignment steps (preparation, case studies, workshops, outputs), your estimated number of days per activity, and the daily rate including all costs, e.g. VAT (6 pages maximum);
  • Two reference contacts.