PhD position in Environmental Analytical Chemistry via EURAXESS

Aix Marseille University - CNRS Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry

Marseille, , FR


3-year PhD position in Environmental Analytical Science for Marine Chemical Screening at Aix Marseille University, Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, France.

The PhD fellow will be invested in the 3 year collaborative project POP-Transition (Regulatory and emerging pollutants along the Mediterranean Coastline – Impact of management policies on the ecological transition) funded by the Mediterranean Institute For The Environmental Transition (ITEM) from A*MIDEX Foundation and including five academic partners. This project aims at developping sampling tools, multi-scale sampling stations, biological indices and field surveys, to evaluate the impacts of brominated flame retardant substances on the water quality, the coastal habitat, the benthic ecosystem and the fishing resource, and their consequences on fishing.

The PhD will be in charge of methods development for regulatory and emerging concern brominated flame retardants, including extraction/preconcentration techniques for water, sediment and biological matrices and hyphenated techniques based on chromatography and high resolution or tandem mass spectrometry. He will evaluate the potential of application of the passive sampling approach to emerging contaminants in coastal environments and their benefits for the evaluation of impacts on marine biota and for the priorisation of contaminants and locations. His/her research will provide new monitoring tools for chemicals of emerging concern, deliver new compound information, enable the growth in capacity of monitoring along the Mediterranean coastline.


The doctoral fellow will develop analytical and environmental knowledge, acquire skills to lead campaigns at sea, and learn how to collaborate in a muldisciplinary team. 

She/he will be integrated in a laboratory, which internationally recognized in environmental chemistry. 

Eligibility criteria

MSc; in environmental sciences or analytical chemistry with a research internship in matters associated to the thesis subject. 

Selection process

The candidate should send his/her application by e-mail for a first selection and will then be invited to an oral presentation through videoconference. 

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Offer Requirements

    Environmental science: Master Degree or equivalent
    Chemistry: Master Degree or equivalent

    FRENCH: Basic
    OTHER: Good


The candidate should have a master degree: in environmental chemistry, analytical science, environmental sciences, marine/water sciences, or water sciences. Skills in hyphenated analytical techniques as well as in environmental sciences are mandatory. Sampling campaigns at sea may form part of this work to generate samples for sample analysis. Experience in field campaigns (sampling designs and tools), strong knowledge in statistics and modelling are also desirable. As stated above, the candidate will have to interact with different members of the consortium including colleagues from psychosocial sciences. Evidence of working in multidisciplinary teams and ability to communicate across disciplines is desirable. Candidates should have a strong interest in the marine environment and/or environmental science. More specifically he/she will have to contribute to supervision of Master students, who will support the different tasks of the study.

Specific Requirements

Language: fluent in french and/or english