RFP: "Developing new technologies for purifying non-traditional water sources"

National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI)

USA 🇺🇸


Dates and Times

Concept Paper Submission Deadline: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Full Proposal Submission Deadline: Thursday, September 2, 2021


Administrator(s): Renae Speck (Owner); Carol Valladao; [email protected]; Amanda La Venture

Category: Concept Paper

Award Cycle: NAWI-2-2021

Discipline/Subject Area: Autonomous Water and Precision Separations

Submit All Questions to: [email protected]

All Deadline Times are: Pacific Time (PT)


Read the entire RFP for complete information and instructions.

The application process will include two phases: a Concept Paper phase and a Full Proposal phase.

Only applicants who have submitted an eligible Concept Paper and are encouraged to submit a Full Proposal will be eligible to submit a Full Proposal.

Total Amount to Be Awarded: Up to $6,500,000 federal funds with a minimum of 25% cost share.

Anticipated Awards: Between 6 and 11 awards

Period of Performance: Up to 36 months (split into 12-month budget periods)

Performance of Work in the United States: Unless a waiver is provided, Lead Organization must show that 100% of the direct labor cost for the project (including Participating Organizations labor) will be incurred in the United States and its territories.

Cost Share Requirement: A minimum of 25% cost share is required.

Technology Readiness Level: 2-4

For additional information, the RFP supports NAWI’s overarching mission to drive down the cost of energy of desalination through early stage applied research. Here is the Press Release: