Local recruitment: WASH Program Engineer

Lifewater International

Kakumiro, , UG

Job Summary:

As a part of the Vision of a Healthy Village (VHV) program, the WASH Engineer is responsible for supervising and coordinating the program technical staff to ensure that all hardware planning, and construction is completed on time, within budget, and at a high level of quality. He/she works closely with Area Program Manager and the Director of Engineering Operations to ensure the most appropriate hardware is selected for each project community, school, and health facility, and that all constructed systems meet Lifewater hardware as well as government standards. He/she is responsible for technical oversight and quality assurance of all hardware activities in the program. He/she accomplishes this by overseeing the assessment of all existing community and school WASH needs, supporting the development and implementation of a multi-year hardware plan.

S/he provides information and collaborates with the Director of Engineering Operations in updating technical designs for unique systems, supporting construction and procurement planning, reviewing and suggesting improvements to constructed hardware, and documenting construction through Lifewater’s Akvo system. They are responsible to follow Lifewater’s ‘software first’ approach by following planned program timelines and supporting Water Committees and community involvement before and during construction as appropriate. His/her accurate, detailed, and excellent planning and execution enables the program to operate with efficiency and provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to communities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Planning and coordination of hardware activities

  • Leads hardware planning at the programme level using Lifewater’s Uganda Hardware Planning Process and standards, working in collaboration with program team members, Area Programme Manager (APM) and the Director of Engineering Operations (DEO). Use appropriate AKVO forms for all registrations and assessments of hardware.
  • Prepares hardware proposals / plans and implementation timelines for specific sites such as communities, primary schools and health care facilities and submits for review by the DEO and APM.
  • With support and guidance from the DEO, ensure all the planned hardware will meet Lifewater and government standards.
  • Supports drawing of technical plans and developing BOQs in collaboration with the DEO as needed.
  • Coordinate hardware planning and implementation with appropriate district water, health, and education officials.

Facilitate and ensure quality hardware construction and reporting

  • Leads communication and coordinated with contractors at program level in collaboration with the DEO and APM and ensures that all contracted work is supervised by a qualified member of the technical team.
  • Provides technical oversight and actively supervises and carries out spot checks to all hardware activities at the program level including well drilling, spring protection, rain water tanks, and latrine facilities at schools and health care facilities to ensure quality construction.
  • Provides hands-on support and demonstration during construction as necessary.
  • Carryout water quality testing and surveillance and reporting as needed.
  • Review completed hardware before Akvo form submissions and ensure that designs are constructed as planned.
  • Captures and submits accurate and timely construction monitoring and oversight data using Akvo and supports the hardware team to ensure all required Akvo surveys are completed at appropriate times with minimal errors
  • Documents and proactively recommends solutions to the DEO and APM key learnings, to continually increase the quality of constructed hardware while reducing costs and saving time.
  • Maintain an inventory of all program construction equipment and tools and ensure their proper care.

Support Lifewater’s ‘software first’ approach

  • Coordinate with the Sanitation and Hygiene Coordinator (SHC) to ensure a “software first” methodology is applied before constructing water systems, meaning that communities, water committees, and schools have met all pre-requisites before construction begins.
  • Use participatory approaches whenever possible throughout the program cycle, particularly in review of possible water and sanitation solutions, and identify the best options for each community, school, and health facility.
  • Work with the WASH sustainability officer to sensitize communities from on-set on the sustainability strategy.

 Support internal and external collaboration and reporting

  • Coordination with the district water officer and other line government ministries at the district to ensure LI works are compliant with government guidelines and also share learnings and success stories with them.
  • Ensure proper handover of all the constructed water systems to the concerned government offices including recording data like GPS location, beneficiary, yields of the water system, history of the water system in well documented manner at the right time. Support colleagues as needed in training Water Committees.
  • Prepare and submit regular reports on community and institutional water points, latrines, and associated water quality testing and monitoring data to the APM and as required by the Country Management Team and the District Local Government.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Water Engineering; Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Sanitation Engineering, Construction Management, or related engineering field. Additional training in Water quality testing, drilling and supervision of contractors is a plus.
  • Strong ICT skills especially Microsoft Office applications and other engineering software such as AUTO CAD, GIS, etc.
  • Five years of experience in delivering rural safe water solutions, including previous experience in WASH construction works, planning and budgeting. Two of which should be at a supervisory level.
  • Demonstrated experience in borehole siting and drilling supervision, Motorized water supply systems, Rainwater harvesting systems, springs protection and school latrine construction.
  • Knowledge of government guidelines, policies and coordination frameworks by the ministry of water and environment
  • Experience in project planning & management with a good understanding of project cycles particularly in WASH service provision
  • Demonstrated experience in matrix reporting, managing a team including staff performance management, mentoring and coaching.
  • Competence in writing high quality reports, exhibiting detailed and professional attributes.
  • Analytical skills and decision-making abilities even in complex and sensitive situations.
  • Ability to ride a motorcycle and holder of a clean & valid riding permit