Hydrological Modelling Technician

Christchurch, , NZ

NIWA is New Zealand’s leading provider of natural resources and environmental research and applied science services, specialising in atmospheric, climate, freshwater and marine research, with more than 600 staff across 15 sites around New Zealand.

We are recruiting an early-career Hydrological Modelling Technician with experience to join NIWA’s large, collegial and highly-skilled hydrology team. We are seeking a positive team player who is enthusiastic about hydrological science, and has a proactive, problem-solving attitude.  

The Hydrological Modelling Technician will contribute to the use, evaluation, maintenance and extension of NIWA’s surface water and surface water-groundwater hydrology models. Specific project topics may range from catchment-scale surface water-groundwater transport modelling, to regional water-allocation planning, to national scale rainfall-runoff modelling. Many of the projects will be multidisciplinary and the project teams may include resource management and water quality scientists, ecologists, geomorphologists, catchment modellers, climatologists, engineers and planners, in addition to hydrologists.

Requirements for the position are:

  • Masters or equivalent degree, specialising in computer science or hydrology or another physical science.
  • Experience in hydrological modelling using GIS and time-series data.
  • Experience in data QA/QC in a hydrological modelling context.
  • Experience in catchment hydrology analysis and modelling.
  • Ability to work across the modelling platforms at NIWA (Linux cluster, supercomputer and Windows).
  • Computing and programming skills, including coding with MatLab, R, IDL and Fortran 90 using NetCDF.