Lower Rio Grande Manager

State of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM, United States 🇺🇸


$30.38 – $48.61 Hourly

$63,198 – $101,117 Annually

This position is a Pay Band EG

Purpose of Position

interviews are anticipated within two (2) weeks of job posting closing.

Why does the job exist?

This position provides high level technical expertise to guide effective water resources management and to support the ISC’s Rio Grande Compact activities in the Lower Rio Grande basin (LRG) within New Mexico and into Texas. It is a highly technical position that also has responsibility to manage, monitor, and report on all the ISC’s LRG efforts including overseeing contracts, contractors, projects, and reporting. Initial assignments for the position will be to engage in LRG data collection activities; support mediation efforts related to the on-going United States Supreme Court (USSC) litigation; and to support continued development of the Water Management Pilot Project (LRG Pilot Program) that is developing and examining a variety of actions and tools to conserve groundwater. The LRG Pilot Program will examine and test various groundwater management actions, including rotational fallowing, aquifer recharge, infrastructure improvement, and supply augmentation. The Program Manager will propose potential new approaches for ISC engagement in the outcomes of the USSC litigation and will lead the new Program as it becomes better defined through either mediation or the litigation. This work will include coordinating efforts with the NM Office of the State Engineer (OSE), the US Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission, water users groups, selected attorneys and technical experts from the private sector as well as other stakeholder groups in the LRG.

How does it get done?

1. Lead existing ISC LRG work efforts -coordinating with the stakeholder groups and agency to conduct studies, collect data, account for use of deliveries under the Compact in the LRG, evaluate how effectively different groundwater management actions promote aquifer health and improve surface water deliveries.
2. Explore, recommend, and develop alternatives for successful ISC engagement in LRG activities associated with accounting and reporting under the Rio Grande Compact.
3. Develop studies and information required to effectively implement compact management actions without harm to the LRG economy.
4. Provide technical and management support to the LRG Pilot Program that includes coordinating with local water management entities and seeking and using local, state and federal resources to implement the Program in the long-term.
5. Provide the necessary technical expertise to inform the development of any agreements or legislation necessary to support the ISC’s LRG efforts.

Who are the customers?

The Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission, ISC Water Groups, and the State of New Mexico.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have the following:
1. Experience with New Mexico groundwater and aquifers.
2. Experience with surface water supplies, reservoir and agricultural system operations and accounting.
3.      Experience coordinating efforts with other government entities.
4. Experience with New Mexico and federal water laws.
5. Experience developing Projects or Programs.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Science, Hydrology, Geology, Environmental Science, Water Resources, Watershed Management, Physics, Natural Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Forestry/Forest Science, Conservation Science, Wildlife Science Emergency Management or Engineering and eight (8) years of relevant experience. Substitutions Apply. 

Employment Requirements

Must maintain and valid New Mexico Driver’s License and an approved Defensive Driving Certificate.

Working Conditions

This position will mostly work in an Office setting, exposure to Visual/Video Display terminal (VDT) and extensive personal computer and telephone usage with extended periods of sitting. It will be required to travel and may make presentations to groups.

Supplemental Information


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Agency Contact Information: Page Pegram, (505) 383-4051Email

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Bargaining Unit Position

This position is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.