Campaign Director (Clean Water for All Campaign)

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Description: Campaign Director

The Director of the Clean Water for All Campaign will lead a collaborative effort to protect clean water for all communities through a multi-pronged, integrated, nimble campaign. The campaign will create an unprecedented national movement to protect drinking water supplies, restore waterways and promote wetlands, floodplains, and other natural infrastructure. This movement will have clear regional and local benefits, defend landmark clean water laws, rules, and regulations, and create or utilize opportunities to advance water protections, particularly through enhanced and targeted funding for ecologically sound water infrastructure.

This is a unique and exciting job requiring someone with strong collaboration and organizational skills, passion, and willingness to lead in a bi-partisan manner, and in an unsettled political climate. Of equal importance is the desire to authentically engage a diverse group of partners. The ability to adapt and multi-task is essential.

Campaign Overview

This campaign, Clean Water for All, will use targeted mobilization, coalition building, communications, on-the-ground field organizing, advocacy, education, and accountability tactics to communicate the importance of clean water and healthy waterways, and defending our fundamental clean water safeguards against any federal efforts to weaken clean water protections. What’s built for defense must also support a highly targeted offensive strategy that seeks out opportunities where they exist. In particular, we will take advantage of opportunities to improve federal water infrastructure investment, pushing for investments that are smarter, nature-based, and more equitable. We will advocate for our approach in a bi-partisan fashion through our allies in Congress and through connections with the Trump Administration. We will also seek opportunities to reduce nutrient pollution from agricultural pollution in the 2018 Farm Bill. Please refer to attached summary for additional information.

Campaign Direction and Collaboration
The Campaign Director will be responsible for leading a diverse senior level steering committee representing environmental, sportsperson, water justice, faith based, business, labor, and related constituency groups. Specifically, day-to-day organization of the campaign will involve convening the steering committee, working closely with the executive committee and working groups, implementing the strategic plan and coordinating the messaging, policy and field strategies.

These responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the principal point of contact for campaign stakeholders and donors
  • Providing strategic campaign advice to coalition partners
  • Leading stakeholder meetings and calls
  • Providing regular, comprehensive updates on campaign activities including progress to goals.
  • Hiring and supervising vendors, consultants and other service providers
  • Overseeing the production and sourcing of all campaign materials for internal and external use
  • Ensuring all campaign activities adhere to State and federal regulation, compliance and reporting
  • Helping to guide and shape allocation and deployment of campaign resources

Campaign Strategy
The Campaign Director will lead the refinement and implementation of a strategy to advance national policy to protect water through tactics involving both offense and defense. The engagement of multiple partners working at the regional and local level will be a key aspect of the position.

The Campaign Director will develop integrated advocacy campaign strategy and activity plans to achieve goals. He/She will ensure that each component of the campaign has a clear set of metrics as agreed to by coalition partners and stakeholders and that the campaign is achieving appropriate return on investment in line with campaign goals and desired outcomes.

Support will be provided by an “intermediary” to help coordinate funding opportunities with Campaign resource needs.

Advocacy Strategy
Campaign implementation will focus on the achievement of national policy goals which will support local level needs. This will be accomplished through coordinated and targeted field and messaging campaigns that work in conjunction with a national policy education, communications, and action campaign to advance water protection priorities at the federal level.

Meeting with partner organizations to build relationships and leverage work being completed nationally, regionally, and throughout targeted states will be essential components of the goal of diversifying and broadening advocacy for ongoing protection of critical water resources.

Fundraising and Accountability
The Director will appropriately account for the uses of Campaign funding, secure additional financial support, and develop a coordinated annual budget.


  • Exceptional leadership, vision and integrity.
  • Proven capacity to design, implement and adapt a national or regional campaign plan.
  • Ability to direct and coordinate multiple activities in a collaborative fashion.
  • Experience working with legislative and executive branches of government.
  • Coalition or collaboration management experience, ideally including work with advocacy campaigns, grassroots organizing, media.
  • Experience working with environmental justice and/or health advocacy groups a plus.
  • College degree or equivalent.

Salary and benefits
This opportunity is an at-will position, where the director will be an employee of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and subject to NWF’s personnel policies, benefits and its hiring and termination decisions. The position will report to a Steering Committee of coalition partners, reporting directly to the Co-Chairs. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

To Apply:
The position will be retained by the National Wildlife Federation, on behalf of the Coalition. The NWF is an Equal Opportunity Employer, working to build a culturally diverse work environment. Please provide a cover letter outlining your interest and experience, and a resume. Applicants selected to receive an interview will be asked to submit three references.

Applications must be submitted on line to the National Wildlife Federation at:

We will confirm receipt of your submission by email. Please submit your application on or before Friday March 3, 2017.