Water Resources Professional II

New Mexico Office of the State Engineer

Albuquerque, NM, US

Purpose of Position

Within two (2) weeks of receiving the list of candidates.

Why does the job exist?

This is a mid-level staff position in the Office of the State Engineer’s Water Rights Abstract Bureau.  The incumbent independently sorts, abstracts, and maps complex water right files that are used for administration of water rights in New Mexico.  The incumbent creates and maintains GIS projects, geodatabases, and maps for planning and/or complementing water right abstracting work.  Incumbent will design and run Access queries using the WATERS database tables for project planning, quality control, and to assist with water rights administration as requested.  Incumbent may be asked to train, or assist with training, new employees.  Incumbent takes a lead roll in assisting District Office staff with WATERS-related questions and work.

How does it get done?

The incumbent abstracts complex water rights files into the WATERS database with minimal supervision.  The incumbent reads and understands Bureau and WATERS procedures and follows project guidelines while also exercising professional judgment.  The incumbent recognizes task dependencies and prioritizes work accordingly.  The incumbent analyzes problems and offers solutions, meets deadlines, and has good interpersonal skills.

Who are the customers?

This position serves the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer personnel by digitizing water rights records into a database that is used for water right accounting, allocation, mapping, and administration.  In addition, the position serves water users and other interested parties by making water rights records publicly available on the internet via the Office of the State Engineer’s website.

Ideal Candidate

– Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and six (6) years of experience abstracting water rights records into a water rights database, including two (2) years abstracting complex (Level IV) non-domestic water rights documents. 
– Knowledge and understanding of New Mexico water law, the past and present administrative processes of the Water Rights Division, and an understanding of adjudication proceedings. 
– Experience creating, populating and maintaining ArcGIS projects and/or geodatabases
– One year of experience writing and running Microsoft Access database queries with knowledge of the WATERS tables and ODBC connections. 
– Good interpersonal skills are essential.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Science, Hydrology, Geology, Environmental Science, Water Resources, Watershed Management, Physics, Natural Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Forestry/Forest Science, Conservation Science, Wildlife Science Emergency Management or Engineering and four (4) years of relevant experience. Substitutions Apply.