Water Resources Professional II

State of New Mexico

Las Cruces, NM, US

Purpose of Position


Why does the job exist?

The purpose of this position is to assist with the review of water rights applications/permits, prepare memorandums and recommendations on water right applications and assist in the administration of surface water and groundwater resources within the Administrative boundaries  of the District IV Office.  This position provides assistance to the general public answering water rights inquiries by utilizing a working knowledge of New Mexico Statutes and Office of the State Engineer Rules and Regulations with respect to water rights administration.  It also ensures compliance with conditions of approval on groundwater well permits, makes recommendations on well construction, and conducts field investigations. This position may  testify as an administrative expert in administrative hearings on aggrieved and protested water right applications.

How does it get done?

1. Assists the public with water right applications by providing technical information needed to complete the application for various surface water and groundwater applications for permit, as well as agency policies and procedures.  Conduct presentations and educate the general public with respect to water rights in New Mexico and represent the state engineer in public meetings.
2. Prepares recommendation memorandum for water rights applications, research water right files, survey maps, aerial photography, and other historical data as required in the preparation of recommendations for pending water right applications.
3. Assists with the preparation of memorandum of recommendation to the Water Resource Manager, District Manager or staff attorney assigned to the case for protested or aggrieved water right applications and prepare exhibits in support of written recommendations on pending water right applications.
4. Conducts field investigations when necessary to obtain information for field reports or for technical memorandum and reports.

Who are the customers?

The Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission, members of the Public, and the State of New Mexico.

Ideal Candidate

1. Education, knowledge and experience with New Mexico water laws, agency rules, regulations, policies and practices.
2. Ability to represent and speak on behalf of the agency at meetings and public events.
3. Experience and extensive knowledge of New Mexico water right issues.
4. Ability to work closely with the water rights managers to ensure objectives of the Water Rights Divisions are met consistently and with sound, defensible judgment.
5. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
6. Understand, implement, and promote adherence to state water law, OSE Rules and Regulations, and permit conditions of approval.
7. Perform complete file review, and prepare memoranda with appropriate supporting documentation to take action on applications.
8. Document water rights history and finalize water rights transactions with sound and justifiable decision-making.
9. Perform field checks and resolve complaints when necessary.
10.Use all tools available to do your job (Office suite, WATERS database, GIS, GPS, Flowtracker, etc.) and continue to develop advanced skills.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Science, Hydrology, Geology, Environmental Science, Water Resources, Watershed Management, Physics, Natural Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Forestry/Forest Science, Conservation Science, Wildlife Science Emergency Management or Engineering and four (4) years of relevant experience. Substitutions Apply. 

Employment Requirements

Must possess and maintain a valid New Mexico Driver’s License and approved State of New Mexico Defensive Driving Certificate.

Working Conditions

This position will be primarily in an office setting with extensive personal computer and telephone usage and extended periods of sitting.  This position may at times work in adverse weather conditions.  Travel may be required to include driving a state vehicle and may be required to work at alternative work sites for field office.

Supplemental Information


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Agency Contact Information: Cheryl Thacker 575-524-6161 Email

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Bargaining Unit Position

This position is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.





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