Invitation to Tender on Hydrological Study

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)

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Tender Process

WWT is issuing this Invitation to Tender to you, as you have expressed an interest in supplying the Services set out in the Specification.

WWT will assess all the responses it receives and choose a supplier to provide the Services. A contract will then be agreed between the chosen Supplier and WWT.

Scope of the Services

The project for which WWT requires the Services addresses the need for a greater understanding of the hydrology at Boeung Prek Lapouv Protected Area in Takeo Province. The longer-term objective is to eventually develop a water resource strategy for the Protected Area.

Contract location and term

WWT will require the Services to be provided at Boeung Prek Lapouv Protected Landscape between 14 May 2021 and 15 August 2021.

Information required by WWT

Your Tender must include:

  1. The full name, address and contact details of your business;
  2. A summary of your business activities;
  3. Details of how you can provide the Services to WWT;
  4. Your key qualifications, including in particular your track record and experience in delivery of similar services;
  5. A summary of the key methods and techniques to be used including any innovative approaches;
  6. The number of workers proposed to be used in providing the Services and whether you would need to subcontract out some of the work to other individuals or businesses;
  7. Your overall management approach in relation to providing the Services;
  8. Your Price for each item listed in Schedule 1, with a breakdown for hourly rates and different elements as applicable. (If your tender is successful, the Price provided by you will form part of the Contract between you and WWT); and
  9. Signed confirmation that you have authority to sign the Tender

Assessment of Tenders by WWT

WWT will assess your Tender, and the others it receives, based on

  1. The quality and flexibility of the proposal for providing the Services;
  2. The capability to deliver the Services;
  3. The technical abilities and experience of staff; and
  4. The Price.

Submission Requirements

Interested queries and submission of Tender email by using the information mentioned in the contact detail.






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