PhD: SALine INtrusion in coastal Aquifers (SALINA) (Hydrodynamic Assessment and Prediction of Dynamic Response) via FindaPhD

Queen’s University Belfast

Belfast, , GB

About the Project

The world’s population likes living by the sea. Currently 53% of people live on the 10% of the earth’s surface that is within 200km of the coast. Meeting the needs of coastal communities’ forms one of the major challenges facing society in the 21st Century and an engineering solution is needed to the provide sustainable fresh water supplies. With its widespread availability and resilience to drought, groundwater can play a vital role in meeting this need. Where too much water is extracted, saltwater can enter water supplies in a process called saline intrusion (SI). This project will investigate the processes that govern this intrusion and develop the means to detect, and therefore prevent, any intrusion occurring.

Application Procedure

Apply for Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in ‘Civil Engineering’ at Queen’s University Belfast, School of Natural and Built Environment.

State name of lead supervisor on application (Prof G Hamill).

Include the intended SOURCE OF FUNDING on application form as ‘DfE DTP’.

To apply, visit (links to the QUB Direct Application Portal).

Research Proposal

Applicants should use the ‘Research Proposal’ section on the QUB application form to provide a 500-word (max) discussion of the project description outlining:

An understanding of the proposed research question(s) aims and objectives.

The broader context of the research and its relevance to engineering and science.

A methodological approach to the work.

Options for analysis the data gathered.

Funding Notes

The successful candidate will be funded through a DfE 3-year studentship.
To be eligible for a full award (stipend and fees), the candidate must have settled status in the UK (with no restrictions on how long they can stay) and been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the grant.




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