Postdoc position (Hydrological modelling) via EURAXESS

Czech University of Life Science Prague

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We are looking to hire a post-doctoral fellow focused on local scale hydrological modelling to join our Hydrological and Climate Variability research group at the Department of Water Management and Environmental Modeling, Czech University of Life Science Prague.

We are seeking candidates with background in hydrological modelling, data analysis, programming and/or assimilation of in-situ sensor data into hydrological models. The postdoc position targets on improving current framework for real-time monitoring of water related fluxes at the experimental site, and continues with developing of the advanced hydrological modeling framework for fusing various data at the catchment scale. Special attention is put on the integration of the actual evapotranspiration data obtained from Eddy-Covariance and Scintilometers into the hydrological modeling framework together with fusing the detailed information on soil moisture, surface water and groundwater. The experimental site Amalie, located in near vicinity of Prague, provides detailed data on hydrological processes and serves for implementation of key principles of the Smart landscape concept developed at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Our group

The Hydrological and Climate Variability Research Group is an interdisciplinary team of young researchers focusing on the interactions between hydrological and climatic processes. It is affiliated to the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Modelling, under the direction of Prof. Martin Hanel. Building upon national and international collaborations, we are trying to analyze how climatic variability affects the water cycle components and vice versa. To achieve this we explore existing multi-source data or produce new ones from field measurements and computer simulations, develop sophisticated statistical and numerical methods to process them and apply novel approaches to visualize and present them. A main research line of the group is the study of extreme hydroclimatic events, and droughts in particular, as we are motivated by its severe socioeconomic consequences to current and future generations.

Position details

The position is initially for 1 year with possible extension up to 5 years. The base gross salary is CZK 40,000 (EUR 1,530) per month (average for CR is around CZK 35,000). This can be significantly increased by successfully proposed (inter)national project. In addition, considerable bonuses for publications in prestigious journals are granted by the faculty.

Interested candidates should send a CV and a motivation letter describing their research plan to [email protected] with subject “modelling”. The desired starting date is as soon as possible, and the applications will be accepted until the position is filled.





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